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If others cause us pain, and we don't fire back–what may happen to that negative energy?

How to get rid of that negative energy, provided that it’s in your system now and you know you did the right thing by not firing back..?


  1. ALL things must pass. If you do not accept the negative from them, they will have to reap what they have sown. If you react to the negative, you will reap what you have sown!

  2. We can change that negative energy into positive energy! Use it to learn something about making the world a better place. You’ll think of something, depending on the circumstances and your situation.

  3. Energy can not be destroyed or created, it can only be converted. 🙂
    Firing back does not destroy the negative energy, it only creates more negative energy in the system. That is why love is encouraged as the proper response to negative energy as this would convert the energy and put the system into equilibrium.

  4. feel it in your heart and soul–“i forgive you. go in peace” and seek God to forgive them. you’ll see they’ll repent a lot and wiil finally come and tell you sorry. when you don’t fire back you maintain a different standard of dignity much above the one who harmed you.

  5. Keep not firing back until the negative runs out of ammo.
    Then he has to replenish himself from the store he set up in you.
    Then your negative energy will disappear.

  6. Once you have mastered your ego, it will not cause you pain. Once you fire back, you submit that you will continue to feel pain over the negative mind of others, and allow them to weaken you to their ignorance. They will ALWAYS test you, that is their purpose, and your lesson. Find purpose in all things. There are great things in order once you master these things and get over yourself , and see the suffering of people in that wheel of negativity… its up to you to dispell that negativity and understand that human beings have a very limited perception. You are responsible for your own circumstances. Oh they will test you, and once you master it, you suffer none of it. You have sympathy for their mental suffering and circumstances of misery. You clutter your own viewpoint and your own peace when you allow them to ‘getcha’ .. you see how trapped some people are, and they want to bring you down with them, and they can only do that when you forward that negativity. Let it go and keep your mind clear and you might actually teach them a few things through your mental balance – but of course they will never admit that they are really paying attention. it is the ego that has gotten ahead of the truth ..


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