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If opposites attract in a relationship and I am the positive, will I always attract a negative or vice verse?

It is true that it takes positive and negative energy to create a spark. I think this is also true in relationships as well. It is also possible for two people to clash, which I think is the same as two positive together, creating a negative; you know like in Algebra.


  1. Relationships and math are not the same. Two positives dont always make a negative. You can attract an opposite that is not necessarily a negative, instead it could be a different type of positive, that has a different way to go about things(and in the end would intrigue you). So dont worry about just getting negatives, instead, start expecting to find people that have different points of views.

  2. I disagree with that. If opposites do attract, where would you find common ground? There wouldn’t be any stability in the relationship, and all you would have to keep the relation going is the ‘chemistry’ you have, which, believe me, isn’t a lot. Besides, when searching for people to date you don’t go, “Hey, do you like cars?” “No.” Sweet! I do! We’re so going to be the perfect couple!” Meaning, you look for similar things, not opposite. Some things could be dissimilar, so that you aren’t ‘bored,’ for lack of a better word, with this person you want to date. But if it’s too dissimilar you simply won’t have ground to stand on.

  3. this positive/negative opposites attraction is only true in science. Stats prove the more a couple have in common the better chance they have of having a relationship or marriage that lasts.

  4. When they say that “opposites attract”, they dont mean that positive people attract negative people. As a matter of fact, they say that you attract whatever type of “energy” you are giving off..A positive woman who believes she deserves the best will attract a man who treats her like gold…Whereas women who have low self esteem attact women who abuse them—almost always.
    “opposite attract” mean that people who are ON THE SAME WAVELENGTH will attract someoneone from the opposuite end. For example, I have a wild, and kinda crazy spirit–so I tend to attract quiet, intellgent men…But at the same time, I attract men who feel my “energy”. Since I believe I deserve a good man who treats me good–I always attract men who cater to me..Abusive men can feel the energy around me that says “I will kick your asss up down the street if you bring that crap over here”.

  5. Unfortunatly I am not meant to get an answer in life so I will just have to deal with always getting mad at people when I cannot figure them out.


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