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If not for souls, does anyone know the origin of consciousness?

I’ve been pondering lately how do i know i’m even alive? Are other animals conscious? is it just because our brains are so advanced? If so what part of our brain tells us we exist?
I find the concept hard to grasp without connecting it with a soul that is separate from the brain. Does anyone know?


  1. “Consciousness” is entirely the working of your physical brain. No “soul” or “spirit” is implied, evidenced, or required.
    And as far as we can determine, yes — other animals are “conscious.” Of course, what “level” of consciousness they have depends on how you define “consciousness,” but other than communication that *we* understand, several animals meet all the other criteria that humans have for consciousness.
    I’m curious, why do you feel the need to connect something separate from the brain with the brain, when the brain is entirely sufficient for the purpose of consciousness? There’s no evidence of anything separate from the brain being involved in any way…perhaps if you’d study a little neuroscience you could understand why there’s no need for anything external…

  2. The most illuminating phrase here is: “I find the concept hard to grasp…”
    Yes, I’m sure you do. Why fill in the gap with the soul hypothesis, when there’s no evidence whatsoever to support it?
    This is called The Argument from Ignorance and is a common logical fallacy fallen into by believers.

  3. If you are truly interested you should read The Mind In The Cave by David Lewis Williams http://www.amazon.co.uk/Mind-Cave-Consciousness-Origins-Art/dp/0500284652
    and the singing neanderthals by Steven Mithen http://www.amazon.com/Singing-Neanderthals-Origins-Music-Language/dp/0674021924
    Also look into the books of Stephen Pinker
    Here’s an interview with Pinker


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