If nobody wants to become like Jesus or Socrates,then why we study about them in schools?





People want to become celebrities or rockstar,that’s the truth and everybody knows no one wants to become like them.One more question,why people start opposing those people who suffer for them,Jesus was crucified and Socrates had been given poison.People only respect those who exploit them like Hitler.That’s not fair,what do u think?


  1. Humans can be basically lazy and want others to make the choices in their lives.
    A sheep needs a shepherd, a student needs a teacher, a follower needs a leader.
    This is where we are with our government now. Tell us what to do and think. Take care of us, protect us from each other.
    Hitler was respected by his people AT THE TIME as a great leader. Stalin was defended by the Russian people as a great leader, after his death, even after light was shed that he killed millions of his own.
    Socrates and Jesus didn’t care what others thought of them. They had a message of compassion or wisdom to share. Hitler offered security from Stalin and communism that most of his people feared more than anything else at the time.
    People that stand up for their beliefs are often killed by those in power. It happened yesterday, one year ago, 2000 years ago and 4000 years ago. That’s the price people of principal pay. Some accept the cost while others won’t.

  2. Firstly, we study them because of what they taught us (or others) and how – i.e. Jesus we learn about because his teachings influence a huge number of people. Socrates because of the methods of study he originated and the areas of research that began or were furthered by him. In the same way, we teach about Hitler, or Stalin, but not in the hope people will emulate them, but to learn about what happened that caused their rise, how they controlled people, etc.
    Secondly, it tends to be the extrovert and egocentric who wish to be celebrities, certainly not everyone. To be a celebrity, you have to want to be a very exaggerated version of yourself. Many other people would by contrast prefer to be an expert in a field (i.e. their knowledge or discoveries are important) or life some other life of worth, i.e. those with vocations – a career with influence outside of just themselves.

  3. Respect Hitler?!! I don’t know about that, I do respect Socrates as far as Jesus, well . . that’s another subject, if you believe what has been kept in the books of the bible, supposing you’ve never heard of the ones that have been chopped out because the religious leaders didn’t feel that they fit in with what they wanted they’re people to believe, then Yes I suppose I could respect him too. Even if I didn’t believe in him, I could strive to be a good person such as he was. To look out for others and treat all as if they were my brothers and sisters. I don’t think you’re right, I think people do want to be like Jesus, and even Socrates, but they take who they are and try to become them in they’re own way, no one can ever be exactly like another, they can only take traits that they respect from a person and strive to learn that trait.

  4. Who respects Hitler?
    Better question why do we teach kids about people who went against society and then punish people who try and break the mold. Even in english if you notice all the great writers went against main stream writing some inventing words, others not using the proper form for poetry, and others not using punctuation. Yet if someone does that today even if its a great work they will receive an F.
    Also People didn’t oppose jesus and socrates b/c the suffered for them they opposed them b/c they they went against societal norms. People fear change its that simple.

  5. Jesus and Socrates were both killed because they asked too many questions and threatened the people who were in power.
    Of course, times have changed since then, and those two have been accepted by the status quo. And so now it is the people who are changing the status quo today who will be targeted by the powers that be.

  6. You’re like what? 13, 14?
    It is no doubt that Jesus was a great man, I have never heard anyone directly say “I hate Jesus, I only respect the Romans for torturing him”
    That would be ridiculous.
    I think you’re an idiot, I have no idea where you got this point of view from.

  7. i dont want to be like jesus because he has more blood on his hands than anyone else. and not scorates either because he never owned a tv. if i had to be one guy it would be the guy who made the killdozer…he was badass

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