Home Discussion Forum If negative numbers don't really exist, then how can negative particle charge?

If negative numbers don't really exist, then how can negative particle charge?

If the two have nothing to do with each other, okay. Then my question would be, how does a particle have negative energy?
I can’t have negative things.
As far as I know, numbers are things. You will never find a number that doesn’t represent an amount of something.


  1. If anything, positive and negative charges are proof that negative numbers exist.
    It gets weirder…would you ever like to have positive, negative, and affirmative numbers about which to learn in math?
    Well, we don’t call it that, but three directions exist for the property of matter found in quarks, which enables participation in the strong nuclear force. Said property is called color charge, because its three directions of possibility are named after the three primary colors.

  2. Its all in your point of view.
    You owe someone money – you have negative money – try telling them it isn’t real.
    And standing at the base of cliff. You have negative potential energy relative to someone standing at the top. You would have to sweat real sweat to get rid of your negative GPE.

  3. Do positive numbers physically exist? Isn’t a number just a representation? Namely, a representation of the amount of something. A negative number, on the other hand, is a representation of the lack of an amount of something.
    As for positive/negative charges… the same applies. Positive and negative are concepts used to denote the fact that a particle can be elctrically polarised in one of two opposite directions. The numeral that accompanies the +/- sign denotes the degree to which the particle deviates from neutral charge. Look, I’ve only studied high school Chemistry, so I may be wrong… but this is how I figure it is.


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