Home Discussion Forum If near Death Experiences are caused by DMT or lack of oxygen.?

If near Death Experiences are caused by DMT or lack of oxygen.?

Why were there two cases. One, a man was dead andhad a NDE for 3 days. The low DMT amount in your pineal gland is known to last 45 seconds-30 minutes. And, a patient was reported to have an out of body experience and have oxygen flowing in him from machines.
“Cardiologist Dr. Michael Sabom has reported one patient who, while having a NDE, watched his doctor perform a blood test that revealed both high oxygen and low carbon dioxide. Comparisons between NDEs and hallucinations produced by an oxygen-starved brain show that the latter are chaotic and much more similar to psychotic hallucinations. Confusion, disorientation, and fear are the typical characteristics, compared with the tranquility, calm, and sense of order of a NDE.”
It’s not the experience itself, it’s the fact that many patients could give accurate details of what went on through sight and sound when they are in a semmingly unconcious state. If the brain is unconcious during death, why can you remember an NDE but no what goes on in other forms of unconciousness.


  1. where are you getting the 3-day near death experience from…if someone ceases living for 3 days….they stay that way.

  2. Well you have to be dead to see Jesus or what ever right? And there are no documented cases of zombies, so it would be safe to say no one has come back from the dead; thus has had no out of body experiences
    near death means nothing, either you are alive or dead, there is a concrete border.

  3. Unless you prove evidence, you’re asking us to explain a story that could be totally made up. It’s like asking us to explain how a marionette became a real boy.

  4. Because when God sees fit he will take you to another place. To show you something you need to see. So you can then go forth and bring the word to others. And do His will. I have known people who were in perfectly good health have an out of body experience. They weren’t lacking oxygen, just lacking flesh. =)

  5. Sorry, but you’re going to have to show references for those.
    Nobody can survive being really *dead* for 3 days — your brain can only go 4-8 minutes without oxygen and then you’ll never come back (possibly more if you’re in a very low temperature environment).
    For the second, perhaps the machine wasn’t putting out *enough* oxygen?
    Oh, and by the way — since “NDE’s” are entirely subjective, we don’t really know what those people experienced, now do we? Do you believe everything everyone tells you? I don’t. Without knowing the person and their beliefs and/or motives or background or whatever, I have no reason to have any confidence that they even told the truth about having one, let alone the contents.
    You need concrete, testable evidence to show something’s real. To assume it’s real, all you need is credulity.

  6. This is, of course, why they call it “near death” experiences, not “resurrection experiences.” You are hovering between life and death; you can be brought back.
    Near Death survivors come back without any damage to the brain, which would occur if there had been a serious lack of oxygen for too long. Brain damage often presents itself with wildly combative patients who are unable to understand where they are or what’s happening to them, unlike the NDE patient, who is, as you said, calm.
    You won’t convince a die-hard skeptic, but he wants to believe that there can be no experiences of the soul, only of the body.

  7. I think people are missing that you said NEAR DEATH experiences. My teenage cousin was in a bad car wreck. She had a broken neck and internal injuries. Her mother was sitting beside her bed when the heart monitor straight lined. The mother stood up and fainted and had to have help herself.
    The daughter told her that she was above her body and watching when her mother fainted. The doctors paddled her heart back and she went back into her body.
    Take it for what it is worth, I spoke to both of them.

  8. The living know that they will die but the dead know not anything. Ecc. 9:5
    When a person dies they thoughts perish. Psa. 146:4
    The dead do not praise God. Psa 115:17; 88:10
    Lazarus is sleeping… Lazarus is dead. John 11:11-14
    This is just a selection. The Bible is very clear. When you die you go to the grave and sleep til the day of resurrection. You do not receive your reward at death. How can you be punished before your fate has been decided? Everyones fate is decided when Jesus declares he who is filthy let him be filthy still, he who is righteous let him be righteous still(Rev 22:11). When Jesus comes at the second coming he is coming with his rewards, to reward the good and the bad. If he rewards the wicked at his return isn’t it unfair that he has been punishing them before?
    The Bible is clear, the dead are sleeping until the resurrection at which point they will either come forward to life or to death, John 5:29.
    Rev 18:23 says the whole world is deceived by socery and this idea of the imortality of the soul is just one such socery. Bible comdemns talking to the dead in Deut 18:10-12. Jesus said do not be deceived, Mat 24:4, 5, 11, 24, 26.
    If you believe in the imortality of the soul you open yourself up to being deceived and end up speaking to demons who impersonate dead loved ones. In fact you believe the devil more than God. God said “Ye shall surely die,” the devil said, “Ye shall not surely die.” The devil was saying to Eve, God is lying to you, he is holding back on you he knows that when you eat of this tree that your eyes will be opened and you can be just like God knowing good and evil. You won’t die don’t you know you are imortal?
    Whats the point of the resurrection if that when you die you go straight to heaven or hell?
    There are several Hebrew and Greek words that are translated hell. Sheol and Hades in the Bible is the grave. Sheol is the Hebrew word for hell it means the grave or graveyard. It’s translated into English in the KJV as hell 31 times, grave 31 times and pit 3 times. Hades appears in the Greek 11 times, translated hell 10 times and grave 1 time. Gehenna was Jerusalem’s city dump, it was where all the waste went to be burned, a fitting example for the fate of the wicked at the end of time. Whereas Sheol and Hades means the grave, Gehenna does mean hell-fire. Gehenna is the lake of fire that the wicked are cast into at the third coming of Jesus and it takes place on the surface of this Earth. Rev 20:9, please people read your Bibles and not rely on your Pastors and Church tradations to tell you what to believe. They are destroyed, burned up, turned to ashes, are no more.

    • According to the bible, everyone is a sinner. So how can you say that God won`t reward the sinners? God knows that we are half matter, half spirit. God is all loving, all understanding, all powerful so why would He use his mightiness on a silly little human being? Have you ever thought about how big the universe is (infinite) and how small we are in comparison? Do you really think that God will burn you FOREVER just because you were bad for 100 years? The universe is over 14 BILLION years old. God has much wisdom, and much understanding. HE KNOWS the hearts. As long as you have good intentions, as long as you have a conscience, God WILL understand and redeem you.
      To the posters above, I have seen near death experiences where the patient is dead for over 2 days and comes back to life. There are THOUSANDS, and probably more near death experiences where the patient is dead for 24 hours or more. Read the story below:
      `Daniel Eechukwu`s near death experience is a remarkable story. He was regarded as dead, lay in a coffin in a small mortuary in his father’s village for two days with wooden plugs in his nostrils, his coffin was taken to a church because of his wife’s belief that he would come back to life, he woke up in the midst of people singing and praying for him, and now has the perspective of a person who has been given a second chance at life. He also says that while he was counted as among the dead, he had an experience of being escorted by angels to both heaven and hell and being given a message to bring back to tell others.


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