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If Naruto uses the 9-tail demon fox's chakra to use the Rasengan, how powerful would it be?


  1. to give u an idea of that watch the shippuden eps where he fights orochimaru and the nine tails takes over that would give u a pretty good idea
    pssst….its not pretty

  2. Well you’ve seen Naruto in battle with his akuma. Or when they are going to find Sasuke and Naruto blows up at orochimaru. Anyway if you’ve seen the episode i’m sure you can figure out what the Rasengan would look like

  3. it would be like ” holy crap!!! RUN u bad guys!!!!!!!!!” ya kno?
    he’ll destroy anyone who seriously pissed him off

  4. It is demonstrated in the second last episode of the Sasuke retrieval arc of the Naruto series which takes place in the valley of the end.

  5. well just imagine if naruto in normal form has 4 times more chacra than kakashi and in 9-tail fox he has 100 times more cakra than kakasy you tell me how strong would it be.

  6. it would be relly relly strong like destroy a village strong!!!!!!!!!but th e thing is either the kyuubi ( 9 tail fox) would get out or naruto would die!!!! couse when naruto gets to the 4th tail his skin comes of and his whole body bleeds and he could die from blood loss!!!!


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