if naruto only has 1/2 kyuubi chakra where is other half.?

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in scroll or sealed away in death god

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The other half is in, I believe, his father Minato Namikaze.


The Fourth seal the other half away using the technique that the Third use to seal Orochimura’s hands.

Pein God

his father may have sealed the other half


in his father an mother i think because that why naruto were able to see then in is inner self


is within his father sealed and a little more loosened up her in their attack 16 years ago remember “SOra ” ?


minato sealed it away (which is the reason he died)
the reason naruto could meet his parents again is that his father sealed his own and the mother’s remaining chakras together with half of the kyuubi’s in naruto before they died


What others are saying is a bit confusing. Minato said that he was going to permantly seal half of the chakra along with himself, but he could mean he’s sealing it inside himself, and the other half inside “Naruto”
Hope this helps!


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