IF naruto has kids will they have special chakra from the 9 tailed fox?

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IF naruto has kids will they have special chakra from the 9 tailed fox

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hmm..probably not.
Naruto’s chakra from the nined tailed fox is STILL the nined tailed foxes.
Its not apart of him.

Akatsuki Kunoichi

I don’t think so. Naruto’s 9 tailed fox power comes from the fox itself, not from him but maybe he could transfer it to his kids (I mean, you never know what Kishimoto would do, especially now).

Jon Glade

No, but they would probably drink heavily and have interesting nightmares.


No because they don’t have the kyubi (9 tailed fox) sealed within ’em.

Itachi Uchiha うちはイタチ

No, this would not be possible. Naruto himself was not born with the 9-Tail’s chakra, it was transferred to him after birth, so its not a genetic thing.
However, Kishimoto is somewhat Spazzy with his plot, so I’m sure Narutos children [If he has any] will have some special powers or something to make them unique..
= ^_^ =


No! (unless it´s the 9 tails the one having the babies!!)


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