If my root chakra is weak, will this cause difficulty in relationships? Also, does sexual abuse cause …?

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I know that my root chakra is very weak, I’ve both heard this and known it. I also know that the root chakra is the one connected with self worth, love, and sexual relations on an emotional level(right?). So I was wondering will that make me have difficulty in my relationships and in trust(not friendships)? And can sexual and/ or emotional abuse cause weakness in that region? Thanks.:) Any kind of help, or advice, would be great(I’d also like to know how to strengthen said chakra)
Wow, I didn expect to get so many answers… Lol! thank you, I might add that
a) We’ve talked to cops(my mom and I) but he has friends in the police force
B) I have a lot of problems with my reproductive organs(I’m only 15) and I think this might have something to do with that.
As for therapy, I’m trying that but my mom and I are almost homeless, and we certainly don’t have money for therapy lol 😛
@Mariano: thanks, very helpful 🙂
If you’re barely gettting into it, you’re a fast and instinctual learner… lol

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Heavy Metal Jesus

Drink a Blue Potion, that should help your mana levels!


If you’re talking about self confidence then i know what you mean.
You’re gonna have to trust people in order to be able to have a good relationship with them (boyfriend or just normal friends), im not saying just open up to anyone because some people WILL take advantage of you. Just try to put your past behind you and forget all the bad things people did to you and you will start to recover, you just gotta be strong on the inside.

Fit 4 Jesus

Listen to Chakra Khan records


I know nothing about chakras and stuff, but if you’ve been abused, I suggest you visit a therapist and/or the cops.

Shinigami (FAC)

actually, hmj is close to being correct.
Our chakras in general need energy, and one way we get energy is from food.
some herbs strengthen our energy
Also, our surroundings contribute to our moods. If your room is painted a dark color, it is sucking your energy away.
I do not know enough about it to give you good advice. But this is some of the things I learned from the medicine lama. He would conduct his healing ritual far away from any electronic interference. He used water (river, flowing) and the wild to regenerate and heal someone.

Mariano R

to be honest im just learning about chakra and things of that nature, but what i can tell you is if there is a disturbance hindering your relationships and such there are ways to heal,exercise,and generaly make those areas better. one way is meditation. try meditating using trust,or friendship as the object. there are also special exercises and meditations specific to each chakra. a good place to start learning about chakras is the link i posted in my sources. good luck


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