…..be less crimes,divorces,social and financial crises, suicides, mass shootings,racial disharmony, wars,etc?

Insightful answer get BA fast! And thanks for your effort and time! :-))


  • there is a common mistake in what you are asking. You are saying just by reading those teaching you are saying that there would be less of everything but what is people do not wish to believe in what they read there is a differenc in reading and believing. we as humans are a confusing and stubborn race put every ounce of proof infornt of us and we still decide to do what we want

  • There may perhaps be a reduction, but can you honestly say that the people who HAVE taken in the teachings of the individuals you refer to are really any better than those who haven’t? Knowing what to do and how to behave does not necessarily lead to actually practising what you know!

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