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If more had the awareness that we are Of (God) the One…wouldn't people take better care of self and others

We are not (God) the One…yet we are Of (God) the One.
Just as streams of Light emitting out from the One Pure Light Source…we are Of that Pure Light Source…yet are not the Light Source itself.
All are one…souls living a human experience…(God) the One is us…we are of the One.
If a person had more awareness to that wouldn’t a person take more precious care of their own selfs and those of others ?
I’m of no organized religion, faith, temple etc. yet respecting of all…..I’m simply Spiritual.
So many seem to be doing their ‘ good deeds ‘ now and then waiting to see what happens when they ‘ die ‘. What of the thought to live in awakeness in the state of Now?
If more or all were awakened to the awareness of (God) the One being within, abound and around us…All is and are One. With that awarenss…how would the Light of the soul shine then and each relate with one another…to our own selfs ?
” r u randy ” . . . From your reply…I was curious of your mind set so I looked at your blog and past questions and answers. The explanation was found there. Your reply was appreciated just the same. Peace to you.
” Tom “. . . Us being Of (God) the One…not The One. . . we are not perfect as we are humans. As humans we experience as we do. Aspects of the One experiencing these human experiences…emotions…enlightenment…soul growth as humans in this realm of soulfulness. We are perfectly imperfect. Yet…cherishing soul and heart awareness is the jewel to Light.
” Cosmisdr(ifter) . . . Yes…Beautifully expressed. And the added comments you shared . . . appreciated reminder of that insight. Thank you.


  1. Go find a pulpit if you’d like to preach… this place is for questions and answers.
    If you are asking: Are we all “linked” by some sort of “spiritual magic”…. the answer is: No.
    We’re each an individual – seperate and whole.
    [][][] r u randy? [][][]

  2. This is a very long question but I surmise that ‘if we all believed God is inside us and loves us, wouldn’t we get on nicer’.
    Well frankly I disagree. People are nice to each other either out of genuine concern for those less well off, or to gain a sense of wellbeing out of their actions, or to be considered fondly by a god.
    If we all believe that god is part of us then this takes away the motivation to do good deeds. We are all equally well off in this scenario, so helping less fortunate doesn’t make sense. If god is inside us, there is no motivation to do good deeds as he is already part of our being. If we are one with god, we are already filled with such a perfection that we would not feel the need to nurse our consciences with good deeds.

  3. Christians have proved that without a doubt they are they worst caretakers of other humans. If someone is starving and asks for help, the Christians are more likely to say “Believe in Jesus” rather than giving them food. If there is genocide going on (Darfur) a Christian in power would rather “go for the oil.” If children and seniors are dieing because they are too poor to get proper medical care, and ask for help, Christians say, “Abortion is a crime against God.”

  4. I have stood before the beginning, I am that source. Put in a zen way you are talking of the dusts on the mirror preventing clarity. Now some practise the dust wiping meditation. As it is put by this one, “the mind is the Bodhi tree, And our mind the mirror bright, Carefully we wipe them hour by hour, And let no dust alight”. That is alright but of the most high it is said “There is no Bodhi tree, Nor stand of a mirror bright, Since all is void, Where can the dust alight? ~ : )

  5. Protect your friends like the pupil of your eye. To know universal love is to see each life on this planet in it struggle or victory in life and understand where in the journey they exist. Some of the most apparently hateful events bring about great understanding and that can only ever help us to see the path we chose to take.

  6. You say that you are spiritual, that is cool, but to be spiritual, you have to first believe in Jesus Christ, ask Him to forgive you of your sins, than accept Jesus into your heart, the next step is we have to be baptized in water, this is the only way that the Holy Spirit can dwell in us, so that God can shine through us……God bless you


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