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If mass/energy was created out of nothing, today, would it be considered a miracle?

Supposing mass and energy are equivalent, mass or energy can’t be created out of nothing,as the laws of physics suggest.
If mass/energy could “somehow” be created out of nothing, today, wouldn’t it be considered a miracle?
Isn’t this that happened in the beginning of the universe? (the Big Bang or whatever you call it)
Isn’t this ,if not proof, at least some evidence of a higher power that can create matter/energy out of nothing? (which some call”God”)
“Since you asked” and Atheos:
Then, where did this condensed ,hyper dense ” molecule” or point of matter come from?
If you introduce the theory of the “looping universe”, where did the previous universe come from?
Or how did the very first of those looping universes even started? Or is it eternal?I talked about the very “beginning” of matter/energy
Vincent: Your theory is interesting (and even based on the Bible)
but how was the undetected “God” particle created then? (I think you are talking about the so called “boson??)


  1. The big bang does not state that it all came from nothing, the concept of nothing does not even exist in science, silly. It states that it came from a hyper dense molecule that split, producing a huge amount of energy, much like nuclear fusion.

  2. The Big Bang does not say nothing exploded into something >.< It says all matter was in a hard condensed state... Edit: Simply put, we don't know. Science doesn't claim to have all the answers. I could ask you the same thing? What created God? Did he create himself? What created the creator of God? Perhaps the universe didn't even NEED to be created. Perhaps it has always been here.

  3. it wasn’t created from nothing, the big bang was an expansion, we don’t know how things were before then but at least we are trying to find out. of course since your god came from nothing and made the world out of nothing that makes your god completely out of the question of how the universe was made

  4. Only people who don’t understand science say the universe was created out of nothing.
    They’re the same ignorant people who think evolution is only random chance.
    ‘miracles’ and ‘curses’ are old fashioned ways of thinking

  5. The Bible says everything was created from things that we cannot see. Perhaps that’s the “God” particle that no one has been able to find. Who says it came from nothing?

  6. No. We have, in fact, discovered through quantum physics that particles pop in and out of existence from “nothing” on a regular basis.
    However, no scientific theory or explanation of any kind anywhere says that matter and energy were created out of nothing. The singularity that began to rapidly expand to become our universe is postulated to have been pure energy. Evidence supports that.
    And no matter what, not knowing how something works is never, ever evidence of anything else, especially a god or “higher power” for which there is no evidence of any kind and that is nothing but an assumption out of ignorance or incredulity. If you don’t know, then you don’t know. When you make an assumption without evidence to replace “we don’t know,” you’re just making things up.

  7. Not really, because we don’t know what was at the beginning of the big bang. There should have been something, yes. Whether this is your god or whatever can’t be said. You from a religious point of view may like to call the entity that created this god, but that is only a name you give to the force that did it. Others give it another name, and not necessarily a religious “god”. It doesn’t give any justification for any religion as such, but you have every right to think so.

  8. What I haven’t wrapped my mind around yet is they say there is no such thing as nothing, but that all matter came from a single hyper-dense point in the universe (I’ve heard people call it a singularity), and then all this energy released and the universe expanded. Well, if there was not ‘nothingness’ and all matter and energy exploded from a single point in space, then what was surrounding it and how did it get larger? I just don’t get how the universe could have expanded if there is no such thing as ‘nothingness’. I mean, if the matter and energy was finite, then the universe cannot be infinite, and there must be an end to it. What is beyond the universe, or outside of it? Is there is a void of nothingness or does the finite matter and energy of the universe just go on infinitely? If it does, isn’t that contradictory? I’ll try not to think to much more on it today. I don’t want to give myself an aneurysm.

  9. When I go to sleep, I see nothing, a little while late I am in a visual world interacting with people(dreams). Where did this all come from? In Tibetan Buddhism, dreams are considered a type of miracle power, from dreams to the Dream Yoga, to the Consciousness Transference/OBE, to the manipulation of the Subtle Anantomy(Chakras), miracles are made manifest. I created this, I control this, I made this happen.
    I would have to say Yes, but it doesn’t mean that any one being created it.

  10. I may be an atheist, but you do provide a good argument. If there is a god, he’s not anything like what the bible tells us. I honestly can’t think of any counter argument. If more christians were like you, the world would be abetter place. Thank you for an intelligent question.

  11. If all that matter was in a condensed state, “where” was that state located? And “when” did that state exist? The big bang didn’t just start expanding into time and space, it created the space and time it was expanding into.
    How come people who claim to be “scientific” never explain that?

  12. I will answer simply
    Neither you, me or anyone else on this damn planet has enough evidence to prove anything wrong. But the thing is that so far, we haven’t found evidence of god, but we have found evidence that everything started in one place, the so-called “center of the universe”. The way it was explained is simple. If we were created there, by some big explosion, then everything would be moving outwards. And that’s exactly what’s happening. And the motion is not decelerating. We are actually accelerating outwards. To infinity, I hope.

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