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If Magick takes extreme concentration and focus, how can there be such a thing as "chaos" magick?

It’s a contradiction of terms.


  1. sometimes focus and concentration are sub-conscience. I have had a problem with chaos magic happening, because i wasn’t being careful about what i was putting out there.

  2. There is no magick at all.
    The proper spelling is m a g i c.
    Go in peace.
    And, always remember: — Jesus loves you!!
    Uncle Floyd

  3. The ‘chaos’ is to do with the use of random or eclectic belief systems not that the practice itself is chaotic.
    Practitioners use diverse and sometimes arbitrary worldviews in their ritual. But as you say, considerable discipline is required (as described by Peter Carroll, who probably chose the term).
    As for ‘contradiction of terms’; is there something wrong with that? Fnord.

  4. If you consider that most forms of magick are used to create a harmonious or ordered event, and that those who use chaos magick are using magick designed to go against that harmony or order, then chaos magick is the other side of the balance, the negative to the positive so to speak. Using situational ethics and sometimes dubious morals, the chaos magick user tends to cast spells for personal gain, while the regular magick user tends to cast spells for the benefit of others or of the whole region, world, community, etc.
    And yes Magick is spelled with a K on the end to differentiate the real use of the natural energies by a witch, from the stage magic that is used by professional magicians.


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