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If magic, or "magick" or whatever the hell, is so great…?

Why do I never hear news about people using it to help people in a big way?
Why don’t all the “powerful mages” or whatever they want to be called, all go to Haiti, or any other place in dire need, and help them with their mighty spells? It’s a conundrum.
“are you there helping?” the response to that one would be “are you?” anyone could redirect blame, I’m asking why the people with “ability” aren’t. I’m just a human who gives money to the red cross.


  1. Of course we help people. The thing is we don’t do it publicly. The reason for that is that people will be bombarding us with requests for the most simplest things, and we will then be working like slaves. Magik isn’t a simple thing. It uses up your physical body energy.

  2. This question has been asked a million times and not just concerning magick. If god was real then why doesn’t he help the people? If angels existed then why do people die in car accidents? If Voodoo was real then why can’t we use that to punish evil-doers? If prayers worked then why is it that god doesn’t answer?
    Your question is a good question and one that everyone thinks about even those who are believers in whatever it is. Doubt is in every humans mind at some point or another, even an athiest will doubt their belief of no god.
    While your question is a good one it is also insulting. “Powerful Mages” sounds like you’re putting down the belief in magick. Now I’m not all stubborn and believe that I am right and I am sure that you will agree with me that the best religion is kindness. No matter what religion you follow, even an athiest would agree that kindness is good.
    Now to answer your question…
    Magick is very much like prayer. You may pray for a miracle to save you from some trouble you get into but you won’t always get what you ask for. If magick would be able to create change with a blink of an eye I would not have to worry every month about bills. If magick could create large changes with a flick of my wand then I might just create world peace and change everything. Don’t you think that if Magick worked the way you THINK it works that we would live in a very different place?
    If god really heard our prayers then why won’t he cure his people of all the diseases out there? Are the priests just greedy people that like to watch others suffer?
    Magick works very much like prayer and not like it does on Harry Potter. It is something that can produce massive changes but we must always do our part. In other cases it creates little change at first and it continues to grow greatly.
    Praying for all the people in need is something that many witches, mages, wizards, worlocks, laylocks, christians, druigs, jews, muslim and all other religions do together even when they don’t agree on their beliefs. To take some time out of their personal lives and say “God/dess help our brothers in Haiti”. Perhaps the prayers will result in more and more people donating or that more opportunities for others to go and help will be available. We don’t always know exactly how our prayers contributed but we can be sure that they did because we BELIEVE.
    Your question came up because you are unaware of what magick is and are clearly basing yourself on incorrect sources or sources meant to only entertain and not educate. Some research will surely clear that up for you and will give you a greater understanding of what magick is and what it can do for us.
    The gods help those who help themselves,
    Shadow Storm

  3. Because the misconception everyone thinks (thanks to hollywood and other media) is that we have some sort of supernatural, mystical, fantastic powers that can create things out of nowhere and allow us to fly. None of this is true, and never was.
    Magic is the manipulation of surrounding energies by use of strong intent. It doesn’t do the work for people…people still have to do the hard work, but magic assists the worker to make it a bit easier.
    It’s beneficial to be sending money to Haiti (and you should be commended for that), and everyone could do more. I too have donated money, but what I do with my craft isn’t going to fix all the buildings, heal all the wounds that the people have and restore their country to it’s pre-quake state. And it’s naive to think that, that’s what magic can do.

  4. Part of the reason is a personal Oath taken
    to Refrain from Intervention in weather
    conditions unless that Intervention is
    requested (in writing) by
    either an official of a government
    entity (such as a city, state, or
    province) or a resident of the affected
    geographic area.
    Appraising those affected by crippling
    Drought over the years was ignored.
    Examples are:
    When former President George Bush was
    govenor of Texas during a drought so
    lengthy the aquifiers far underground
    were drying out.
    Drought in India a number of years ago.
    Drought in Australia. Surface mail to
    farm agencies as well as email to news
    organs were ignored. And even after
    that massive dust storm they had during
    their last summer! Can’t stop the effect
    of Eclipses…but you can “mute” it for
    a short period.
    The Concept was to organize a “Group
    Weather-Working” amongst many and various
    Pagan Circles in the US as a “hands
    across the water” thing to drought
    affected areas. Recognition and Good
    Will for myself and “Pagandom” was all
    I’d planned on asking for.

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  6. most mages actually have verry little control over their abilities, there are a few who can actualy do a spell on comand, but most of the ones who know the good stuff are to wraped up in themselves to give a darn about haiti, the only one who has the power to realy help somebody without massive consentration is uncle chucky, and he just wants to use his raidionic dodads to start stuff with his neighbors and play pranks on people, though I wouldnt exactly call a car crash a prank, and I’m not a hunter and I’m not here to stop you, I just want some footage for a flash game I’m making, the gable film is too blurry


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