Home Discussion Forum If Liberals and Conservatives we Represented by Colors what would they be?

If Liberals and Conservatives we Represented by Colors what would they be?

Republicans are Red- symbolizes energy of life, bravery, love and spirituality. Home life, your family and where you live are important to you. The colour red warms and regenerates to make you aware of life’s force. As this is an active colour it energizes the impression on our senses and psyche but can also indicate a disposition to behave aggressively. With this colour you may be more concerned with worldly rather than spiritual interests. Also you are security conscious and like to know your finances are safe
Democrats are Blue- symbolizes spirituality, creativity, revelation, speaking and inner listening. Blue has the inclination to promote the growth of withdrawal and stimulates the tendency for psychic freedom from others, and a dedication to you as a unique individual. This colour creates a feeling of calm open spaces, awakening you to your spiritual inspiration.
I think
Conservatives should be
A colour full of high-spirited delight, and has rewarding effects for the individual. This colour allows self confidence & indicates instability within spiritual and material matters. Orange is the inner colour of water and encourages our self respect. This colour suggests you are a balanced individual well on the way to enlightenment.
should be
Yellow – the natural symbol of the sun symbolizing energy, power and emotional feelings. It also provides life’s energy. The yellow colour strengthens our nerves and thoughts. Yellow suggests an open and emotional personality. This colour compensates any feelings of tiredness, creating happiness and relaxation.


  1. Republicans should be grey with little clarity and representing a colorless life, Democrats a sparkling rainbow of colors brought forth out of the greyness of life.

  2. Liberals white, they are the good guys.
    Conservatives black, they are not so good guys.
    The cons only understand black and white so if we use any other colors they would be confused.

  3. Liberals should be purple…a mix of red and blue…they don’t know where they really stand on anything as long as it’s against SOMEBODY!
    Otherwise I agree with the rest of your analogy.

  4. That is interesting
    In Canada the colour sheme is as such –
    The Tories or Conservatives wear blue ties
    The Grits or Liberals wear red ties
    The NDP wear yelllow
    Those unwritten “rules” seem to have gone the way of the wax record – but some still (particularly in the House of Commons) still follow it
    I imagine the Green party wears green
    I have voted Grit all my life on the federal level
    That said I associate red with danger (fire) and yellow with cowardice and blue with the sky or impossible idea’s
    I like you take on colours better than my own

  5. well yellow i think fits the dems and libs as far as the rep gos any color that represents bravery and guts to do what is right no mater what the protesters say


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