If Lao Tzu made a religion called The Way in 500BC doesnt that make Jesus a fraud?

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Lao Tzu of China made a religion called The Way before Jesus was born. and none of that Jesus is God crap, that means Jesus impregnated his own mother!

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Jesus did not have anything to do with China.
His disciples more than likely did not know anything about Lao Tzu.


Christ Is Real y’all God Willin learn from Him n seek God’s Kingdom n believe too….Lord Have Mercy post not funny guys….Christ Born of Holy Spirit, The Word Made Flesh n God Willing God’s Perfect Will n Work among us as a man, via The Lord through the virgin mary this Son Of God Came unto us!! praise The Lord PEACE LOVE GOD BLESS GLORY ALWAYS BE see links below God Willin n Lord Have Mercy be i wrong or offbase
 http://www.40daysforlife.com.  choose life praise God PLGB
Praise The Lord For He Is Good (ps/chron thanks be to GOD) His Mercy Endures ForeverÂ
“but of course, there’s a time and place for God, Christ, And Spirit….
….and somehow and someway By God that’s Always And EVERYWHERE!!!!” PLGB
The Lord Is my/our Help, Creator, Judge, God, Master, Advocate….Light And Peace


One doesn’t need Lao Tsu to prove Jesus a fraud.


Lao Tzu never pretended to divinity. Moreover, he did not believe in a divine being.
One man’s beliefs and ideas do not make Jesus a fraud. One man’s beliefs and ideas–if they are independent of the creator of all things good–make that man a fraud. Perhaps an honestly motivated fraud, but a fraud nonetheless.
Do you know anything about Taoism, by the way? As a philosophy, it is misguided and errant, if you look below its shiny little surface. It claims that there is no ultimate good. It is one of the more hopeless and ridiculous claims out there, albeit it is quite popular, due to the fact that people like to believe that their tinged-with-evil thoughts and actions are “just the way it is” and that there’s nothing to be done about it except to accept this “enlightenment” and pat themselves on the back with a, “There, there.”
As for Jesus impregnating his own mother, that is insane. God the Father impregnated Mary the Virgin via the Immaculate Conception. In other words, God performed a miracle.

Bobby Jim

Not at all.
Jesus did not name His belief system anything.
It was man that called it “The Way.”
As you can see from the following, it was merely an expression, not a name.
(A present day church which is named “The Way International” is little more than a cult church on the fringe of Christianity.)


No. In no way does it alter reality.


The WAY is the WAY!
Claiming to be Christian does nothing! One must live the WAY
Jesus Christ taught.
Christ is not a person or religion. It is the unifying of God/Allahs
own body. Of which all our spirits are a part!


Lao Tzu made a religion that was called The Way, but Jesus declared that “I AM the Way, the Truth and the Light, no man can come to the Father except through me”. Which means that we can not go to Heaven (and be with our Heavenly Father) unless we accept Jesus as our Savior, by confessing that we are a sinner and asking Him to forgive and change us.

don't panic

You know, there are rumours that Jesus spent most of his adult life wandering through India learning from the masters. So maybe he got all the way to China. After all, there are something like 18 years unaccounted for.


Judaism had a belief that a messiah was coming to save them from the cruel Roman government. Many people claimed, and allowed themselves to be called messiah, including Jesus.
The only proof that we have that Jesus actually existed, is from Christian sources. Lao-tzu never claimed to be divine, while Jesus did. Who is the fraud? If Jesus was real, then the teachings of Buddha and Lao-tzu influenced Jesus.


n ps Christ’s Oneness W The Father is not crap nor irrelevant God Willin PLGB


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