If Jesus could do magick….was he a witch then ?

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he left no book of shadows ?

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no because God gave him the gift to do the things he could do


he didnt do magic. he preformed miracles. way different. a miracle is something that happens by the pwer of god through an intermediary like jesus or a saint. and magik is a bunch of hocus pocus. and i guess his “book of shadows” if you wanna call it that would be the new testament of the christian bible


no, he was a wizard, not a witch


no and if he was he would be a worlick cause he he is a guy


It wasn’t magic. Magic is just deceiving people. Jesus performed miracles that actually happened.


Jesus couldn’t, no wouldn’t, do magic. He performed miracles with his godly powers not a cheap card trick.


It wasn’t majic they were miracles to prove he’s god’s son by the wat he wasn’t a witch


He did not practice or perform any magic. He is God and with that comes the power to defy the laws that He created.


He was part God, so he can perform miracles like God can. DUH!!!!


Christians call magick “miracles”
Christians call polytheism “mystery of the holy trinity ”
Christians call alchemy “turning water into wine”
Christians call magicians “three wise men”
Christians call astrology “star over Bethlehem”
Don’t you love ’em?


Interesting point you make. People of that time (according to the bible) said that Jesus was demon possessed. So, even in those days there was prejudges.
According to some, he was part of a group called “Essenes” others say he practiced only Judaism. The Essenes studied all forms of religion (of that certain time) You could probably say they were Pagan so it is possible they practiced witchcraft.


There are three kinds of people who can perform so-called “miracles”:
1) Witch
Witches perform magick in the form of spells or incantations which usually invoke the Deity or the elements and ask them to do stuff for them. Wiccans, Pagans, Traditional Witches and Satanics would come under this.
2) Magicians
Magicians are the people who perform magick without _requiring_ an incantation, but sometimes add an incantation to it anyway. In case of a Chaos Magician, an incantation helps increase the chances of the amgick coming true. Chaos magick belongs to this category.
3) Psychics
These are the people who can do “miracles” at will. They dont need an incantation, but if performing magick for entertainment, they may add an incantation to make it more dramatic. This is what would be called “spontaneous magick”. They just make things happen without any cause or wait behind them. Technically, Jesus was a born Super Psychic gifted in healing.




I know reiki masters who heal with their touch. I know people who get very accurate intuition. I once watched a witch turn a storm. I have seen a great deal of magick. Quit a lot of what I read in the bible sounds like the work of a powerful witch. There are Christian witches who hold that view


Ok there are several points I will make to this. I am not trying to argue just put out food for thought.
1. Jesus’s miracles are more like tall tales like Paul Bunyan. Where he didn’t actually do the things they are just exxagerated events.
2. As A Wiccan I believe everyone has magickal powers so Jesus could have been able to harness his like that.
3. As fot the Book of Shadows. The Bible is not complete all intelligent people know that. So for all you know the Gospel of Jesus is a how to guide for Witchcraft.
4. Jesus was an accomplished illusionist. The Water into Wine, Walking on Water and fish and Bread can be explained by illusions. As for the Lazarus thing. Its hard to say other than possible Lazarus was in on it or in a coma.


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