If it turns out there's such a thing as reincarnation, what type of person would you like to come back as?

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Also, what talents would you like to blessed with that you don’t possess in this life, and would you prefer to return as the same sex or not?

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A loved and respected one would be perfect next time round.

Spike ( The soothsayer)

I would like to come back as someone wise enough to not believe in reincarnation.

Suzie s

I would like to come back as a doctor, and a musician, I would love to play the piano like Elton John.
I don’t mind what sex I would be, just as long I was a nice person and could tell good jokes, and make people laugh.


I would love to come back as Beverly Sills, the opera singer. She had an abundance of talent that I would love to share. I would come back as a woman again for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which is the choice of clothing.

Dave M

Would like to come back as some one with allot less bad habits and hang ups.


I am a mother of 6 children, grandmother of 1..I am also white..I would love to come back as a man. I would also like to be another race….I have been so lucky in my life, so blessed….but I would like to experience something different


I would still want to come back as a woman. I adore the pretty shapes and curves on us women. Besides, in my culture, a man has the responsibility since medieval time the need to support his wife and kids if he chooses to marry and have a family. I am done with all sorts of responsibilities now. I won’t want such mammoth task expected of me in my next life, any life.
I hope I am able to dance gracefully to the tune of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake and The Nutcracker.
And be able to manipulate my facial expression to look like Hannibal Lecter to scare all bullies and sex predators away. I want to have the “touch me and you will die” kind of look, hehehe…
I don’t want to come back as a person. I have enough of the confusing human race. I don’t mind to come back as a pig. Eat, sleep, grow fat, and wallow in the dirtiest of all mud and don’t feel dirty or fat. And then die for the purpose of my being – to be served as the best bacon on a dinner plate.

Autumn Leaves

I would like to be a calm, serene woman with musical talent


I would like to come back with the gift of photographic memory. There would not be anywhere I could not go with that.


Still myself – but improved. More intelligent, Great athlete, photographic memory. More empathy, wiser
I would not mind curly hair. As a profession, I would choose writer


Have visited three past incarnation —- via hypnosis regression—-
the problem with most people becoming aware of past lives
is they forget they have a mission during this life
Have been through both sexes and skin colors.


I would like to be the same sex , come back as a 22yr old and know what I know now . I would like to be a brilliant classical guitar player .

bigjohn B

I would like to return as TLWTGFIHE’s GUY.


Don’t worry;reincarnation is real.There are techniques you can use to explore past lives.Next time,I still want to be male and gay.Also about 6’2 in height with a lean muscular body.Talent as an artist or musician is preferred.I want to live in Europe.France would be my first choice,Germany second.I want a Bohemian lifestyle.


A wild mustang – no gender preference


As crappy as it’s been, myself.


Really, I have made such a mess of this life, I’d sooner sit and watch others for a few thousand years, to learn how it should be done, before applying for another bash at it.
Then, all my talents, apart from my sense of humour, compassion and empathy perhaps, would have to be updated, upgraded, and re-installed beforehand.
Take care.

Bob K

Nothing is ever wasted in this universe.
When you come back, it is an ‘as you are thing.’
Wishing and wanting in this life does nothing for your return.
It is experience gained that advances you.


Same sex female.Get a load of this, I want to come back as Oprah
Money,money moneyyyyy. I could have anything I wanted and travel all over the world. Money does buy happiness. Oprah smiles all the time. So there’s the truth about money and happiness.

Have no doubt

Nelson Mandela, without a doubt.
Just to annoy white bastards.




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