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if im conscious and think one negative thought repetitively does it alter my subconscious negatively?

so any negative thought that crosses my mind big or small, that has an impact on subconsciously responding to the things around me. feedback? looking for balance


  1. It depends on what perspective you want to look at it in.
    If I repeatedly think of stomping puppy heads, I may become more insensitive to seeing someone stomp a puppies head. Which could be considered a good or a bad thing.
    On one hand, if I am researching how to prevent Rabies, and am doing experiments on puppy heads, this may allow me to disaasociate myself from my test subjects, which is a good thing
    On the other hand, I may feel inclined to run around the neighborhood stomping puppy heads, and causing other people mental anguish, which is a bad thing.

  2. yeah, more or less. If you entertain negative thoughts, you’re just destroying yourself.
    moondog is correct. there IS no subconsious mind. Because there is no conscious mind. This mind, ordinary “consciousness” isn’t really consciousness at all. It’s waking sleep.
    Consciousness begins with the third state. Lincoln, Whitman, Shakespeare, Bach, Da Vinci, these people had penetrated the third state of consciousness. Not us though. We’re sleeping machines.

  3. There is no doubt that it will not affect your subconscious negatively but it will also hamper your pretty time which is yet to come. So it is better to think about the solution then about your negative thought repetitively. If the results doesn’t come have faith in GOD and on your loved ones who are there for you in your bad times. And believe in there always a morning come after every dark night.

  4. Depends on how serious you take your thoughts.
    Your thoughts are not who you are, you are what’s observing the thoughts. Most of the time we cannot control what thoughts come and go. In the same way people falsely identify with material things like cars and money, so it is with thoughts. Thoughts are energy formations, finer and less dense than physical matter, but they are forms nonetheless.
    So if you just notice a thought and don’t take it seriously, then there won’t be a negative emotion connected to it. It will take some practice but it won’t be long before you realise that the thoughts aren’t causing any negative emotion rather it’s your reaction to them that causes the negativity.

  5. I think no, because if you are really conscious of your thought process,
    then a thought irrespective of it’s nature of negativity or positivity,
    effects the being only for the time it remains there.
    Thoughts are like roaming clouds
    and every thought that comes in the mind
    will definitely leave it after some moments
    and if the being is conscious then it can not penetrate the subconscious at all.
    So in my view, if you are conscious then no thought can penetrate into your subconscious.
    But keep aware about the fact that if you are really conscious then you are not the thinker
    and you can not do both the acts together.

  6. There is no such thing as ‘subconscious’.
    If it is not Consciously perceived, it does not exist!
    (Yes, of course it exists as a word on this page, as an empty ‘thought’, as a ‘belief’, as a ‘theory’,…)
    That which is perceived exists.
    That which exists is perceived.
    Not a thing exists that is not perceived.
    Not a thing is perceived that does not exist.
    There is no, nor can there be, any evidence to the contrary!
    “Consciousness is the ground of all being!” – Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics
    ‘Subconsciousness’ does not exist (other than as noted) in an all inclusive Consciousness!


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