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If I were to study at a Zen Monastary or temple, would it matter that I do not believe in a Higher power?

I am an atheist, and am curious as to wether i can ever achieve enlightenment because of it. I am not very learned in Zen yet, but I believe that it’s path is one I would benefit Greatly from.


  1. no, since Buddhists do not believe in any Higher Power that will save them, only they can save themselves so, it doesn’t matter at all, especially in Zen Buddhism

  2. As an atheist, you can safely train at a Zen monastery (or temple or center).
    Zen teaching does not include a “higher power” or “deity” of any sort.
    Rather than focusing on something outside of ourselves, Zen training focuses on how we perceive the truth of each moment.
    When we see how our life actually is, moment to moment, then we can respond with wisdom and compassion.
    And that’s the point of Zen training: to live with kindness, generosity, joy, and wisdom, so that our lives become of benefit to all suffering beings.


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