Home Discussion Forum If I were to read your aura, what would I see?

If I were to read your aura, what would I see?


  1. Aura are not reflected. You can see others, but not yours. You can ask, but in asking you have change the color so slightly.

  2. Tension. You would probably tell of high blood pressure. You would see fear a scorn and ridicule. You would see desire to find truth. You would, of course see love.

  3. I had mine done while I was pregnant and there were 3 white “angels” and the other colors were bright red, yellow, orange and purple. It was really interesting. In my brothers you could see the background in mine you could only see my face and it was like glowing! Neat

  4. aura is something
    something that can only be felt by the right mind
    it is not the eyes that see- it is a higher sense
    otherwise every one could see it
    ( aura is everchanging )

  5. I have no idea. I’d guess, but that kind of thing is always self-serving and probably wrong (like when people enumerate their bad qualities).
    Now, the aura that I have on an irregular basis that you can’t read is exactly 90 degrees of perception change without motion in a slow, almost gracile manner; left becomes forward. That means incoming brain storm.

  6. idk, whatever color represents how I feel. Sadness, lonliness, misunderstood, bored, anger, whatever…

  7. Well, it changes with mood as you should know but generally I am told it has a lot of white. But I am a healer so that should not be shocking. Also, I can usually tell when there is a lot of white showing by the number of babies I see staring intently at me. And then smiling. Babies know, better than anyone. There are certain times I apparently give off a very passionate color, don’t know what color that is, thinking red, but have forgotten a lot about the crafts in the past couple of decades.


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