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if i were to practice shamanism…?

would that bring any consequences, as it involves contacting the spirit world?
do i have to have been born with special gifts to see spirits or is my sensitivity to them enough to develop?
is anyone here a shaman themselves?
any advice on my interest into becoming a shaman?


  1. You do what you want in life and you go with your limits. There may be consequences to contacting spirits because you have to understand how deep and powerful it can be. You could invite evil spirits. It can be draining. I’m not a shaman but I’ve heard stories of people doing different things in the past. You don’t have to be a specific race, everyone has special gifts and sometimes it involves shamanistic ways. Talk to people who’ve been there done that.

  2. There would be very few consequences if you were to begin practicing shamanism.
    The only “special gift” you need to be born with to see spirits is schizophrenia.
    My only advice is to try to be intellectually honest and to be a critical thinker. However, judging from your interests, I would say that you will probably not follow my advice.

  3. There is no standard to Shamanism, it is just evolved folk religion.
    Some South American aboriginal natives may still practice it, and some Siberian tribes may still practice it but anywhere you go you will find it to be different. The Shaman is on his (or her) own and they can make it up as they go along.
    As a religion it is mostly superstition and imagination mixed with natural enhancements.
    We can be grateful that some tribal Shamans have preserved the knowledge of natural pharmacology in their regions. Some useful medical preparations have been discovered.
    They also employ the placebo effect in some healing efforts, although they would not recognize the theory. There is a lot of psychological theatre involved.
    For an educated westerner, Shamanism would be a waste of time, more like a game-play.

  4. I walked that road. It led nowhere.
    I know the longing that leads a person to seek out the possibilities shamanism might seems to offer. It leads nowhere.
    My advice to you is satisfy your curiosity if you must but give Christ half as much of a try, I guarantee you, He will respond and reward your efforts.
    Shamanism simple can not.
    If people (particularly women) knew the very real power awaiting them in Christ especially in Catholicism they would wonder why they’ve been wasting their time any where else.


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