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If I were to follow Taoism does that mean…?

…I am getting lazy and waiting for the right or ripe moment for the inspiration instead of being proactive and taking initiative for achieving my goals or does it mean that I have surrendered myself to the higher powers of intuition and heart’s understanding to guide me and to follow through my goals in the most effiecient manner? In other words should I always go with the flow or will I sometimes sail agaisnt the wind or the important thing is to just to sail?
In other other words, is it a bad idea to ALWAYS follow my heart?


  1. Sometimes when we must embrace suffering it builds character. In other words, when following your heart means selling yourself short, you may be surrendering to the wrong powers. The end result may not be your heart’s desire. You find it necessary to feel the pain of sailing against the popular wind, so that you can reap the reward harvest that was sown by your sacrifice. Sometimes we have to lose in order to gain.
    Example: Growing a hard muscular body is a painful process.

  2. “Taoism” is an ancient way of life, that will require you to have an animal tail grafted onto to your lower backside…
    You will also be required to be born in some tiny Asian village of peacefully trained assassins, who do odd jobs for Billion dollar corporations, and bring the gold back to their humble village…
    You will be required to get a “bowl” haircut, and forever denounce T.V. shows like “Friends,” “Sex in the City,” and any show with Tony Danza in it…
    Are you ready, grasshopper…?
    Then snatch this pebble from my hand…
    And your training shall begin…

  3. The website http://www.religioustolerance.org/taoism.htm has a 9 page article on this theory of LAO-TSE (who lived between 604-531 BC, even though he is considered to be a myth by some) that rejects hate, intolerance, unnecessary violence, and embraces harmony, love and learning as taught by Nature; and wants to live in peace and balance with the Universe, both in mortal life and beyond. The word “TAO” (pronounced DOW) literally means “THE WAY or PATH” and the practice of it embodies the harmony of opposites (no love without hate; no light without dark, no male without female, etc). In N. American culture, we see evidence of these beliefs in acupuncture, herbalism, holistic medicine, meditation, and even martial arts. This sounds like a very good article, and should give you some insights. Good luck.

  4. The above answers are poor. Going with the flow does not mean you do whatever society is doing. The “flow” is the Way, the natural way of things. If you allow yourself to move with it, you will find peace. This does not mean that problems will not arise, especially in social contexts. However, it may give you the peace of mind to not be upset with these problems.

  5. It would mean that you are spiritual dilletante. What you describe is not Taoism, but the sense of self engendered by the cultural ethos of modernity. Cultivate detachment, accept the conditions of your own finitude and discipline your ego with acts of humilty and enlightenment will follow.


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