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If I wear a chakra stones necklace, will it give me healing powers?

Sheeesh, it’s amazing how a SIMPLE question can get people all ruffled. I saw the necklace in a beauty brochure of a well-known company and I was just curious that’s all! Some of you were just flat out rude and took my question so seriously instead of in light and good fun. Go take a valium please or maybe log off Yahoo answers to take a break. Answer politely next time, please!
gimme a break – is NOT an answer. If you are going to answer with that phrase, please do not bother answering at all. I expect REAL answers not just some quick reply so you can get your 2 points for the day.
I should’ve rephrased my question. I know a chakra necklace won’t give me *healing powers*. I was trying to find out how they can aid me in healing (whatever that may be.) I’m smart enough to know the difference! Sorry my question, which was worded incorrectly, made you think otherwise!
To those of you who got angry over a question — it’s obvious you have some unresolved issues. It’s stupid to the point of hilarious. You guys need to get a life!
Ha Ha maybe you need to wear a chakra necklace to restore balance in your own lives!
(the angry ones know who they are)
I really dislike it when I ask a *serious* question and ppl respond with silly *not-so-serious* answers. Take your dumb jokes elsewhere please!
My question should’ve been rephrased:
If I wear a chakra stones necklace, will it aid me in healing?
Apparently, my incorrectly worded question got some of you all riled up.


  1. those “healing stones” play on your psychi. they tell you it works and you pay for it and your sub-conscious mind is telling that it must work because if it doesnt (it doesnt really work) then you’ve just wasted your money. and you dont want to be made a fool of so you convince yourself that the stones are working.

  2. you can actually use the stones to help you with healing but they will not give you the power to heal. there is a difference between healing and having the power of heal.

  3. I’m a wiccan healer so please take my word for it. If you were not born with it the stones won’t help. If you want to bring out the power that you to have the stones might help, they also might drain your power.
    Blessed Be

  4. Chakra stones? white people make anything up to make money go to the real deal the indians and chinese and tibetan monks and swami’s in the mountains.

  5. Hello
    Nothing can give you ‘powers’ im afraid!
    The stones are very small in those things, so not even really likely to enhance your own energies that much, unless you like it & wearing it makes you feel positive – in which case it will work wonders!

  6. Only if your really hot…will it give healing powers.As in turning the heads of guys. Works best with cleavage and a tan.Other wise just a rash…lol


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