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If I use a bowl of clear water centered in four lite candles, what kind of Magick ritual is taking place?

All 3 answerers are correct in answering scrying. However, 4 candles are a specific.


  1. There is really only one kind of “magick”. There may be many outward expressions that people give different names to, but really the processes of magick are all similar, utilizing the powers of the Will and Imagination. Here you are using the water and the candles as props for your ritual.
    It is difficult to know what ‘ritual’ you are performing. Water can be used as a symbol of purification. Other people here have suggested you are scrying, however as you don’t say how you are using the water it isn’t possible to say. Scrying would mean that you are fixedly starring into the water for the purpose of seeing ‘visions’.
    Other people may say you’re doing some kind of ‘candle magick’ … if the candles are the focal point. Again, it depends on your intention (Will) and what powers/forces you are evoking/invoking (Imagination).

  2. It could be scrying for divination purposes and the four candles, quarters or elements can be called upon to balance and protect the circle. This plane contains energies and essences that are above the natural, and the quarters form a barrier between you and these forces. Sometimes these points are called Guardians.


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