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If I think, therefore I am, then what happens to me in a coma or when I lose consciousness?

Basically, when I’m unable to think, but still am alive medically. Just take it that this happens in a coma, regardless of whether that is true for the sake of the argument. So I’m no longer thinking, yet still am alive. Can I be sure of my own existence now?


  1. Wrong. Even the originator of that saying later recanted it. You are. Just that – are. Even during a coma, sleep or near death experience and beyond – you ARE. While you are in a coma, doctors still maintain you can hear and feel what is going on around you. from the people that make you -you. Parents, siblings, family, friends, teachers, grocer, baker and candlestick maker – when you remove those that is when you ‘are’ no longer. While all those are around you are.

  2. In dreams, your soul escapes your body. There, ask some people questions for real, in the dreams. I’m serious. I believe that’s where you travel after you die.

  3. The proof of “I am” is the fact that you’re succumbing a horrible coma just by your ownself..Whether you’re either in your consciousness or not. You’re just “YOU”..and no one else can be.
    I think, therefore I am, I am thinking therefore I exist,
    Whereas if ever the opposite thing happens, It will never abolish your existence at all..Unless you haven’t really existed at all in any form.
    I sleep therefore I am,
    What truly matter is that I was ME.
    I have my own soul, and physical life.
    The proof that I existed, made me what I was,
    In physical form.
    Just a thought….because I think.
    And even IF I never, as long as I exist,
    “I Am” my own existence.
    Have a great time!

  4. well they say consciousness can be expanded outside the brain, into a new state of being, or a new probability cloud. Hence the 5th dimension. But no one knows for sure.

  5. Brain activity (primarily in the lower cortex) has been documented, even in those who are in a coma. Even though you may not be aware of your thinking, your brain is doing something. And accordingly, you still exist.


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