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If I no longer exist when I die, how does my consciousness stop? How can I think about not thinking?

I’m a Deist/Pantheist and Believe there is possible after life or reincarnation. I’m trying to seeing the Atheists side of this philosophical concept. All are welcome to answer.
I am also thinking about Descarte, ” I think therefore I am.” – but I guess I am making the assumption that is the soul. I mean a think everything MIGHT have a soul or life force. I admit I won’t know the answer until I die.


  1. when you die you have no more brain cells you can’t give oxygen to your brain to make new ones so yes your consciousness stops

  2. It just stops and you can’t think about not thinking because you won’t be thinking therefore you won’t think at all not even about thinking or not thinking 😀

  3. consciouness is the result of billions of neurons interacting in the brain…
    when the brain dies… it’s gone forever.

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  5. hi,nice to meet you ,well think of this ,your dead thats it no more ,your gone not thinking no nothing ok well thats it no more to tell you ok ,hope that you understand ,it just that your life ends when you die nothing more no comeback unless you come back from the dead ,bye

  6. Deep question. I often think of the example of being in my mother’s womb. Was I conscious that I was? But yet I was because all proof was there. Was I thinking, did I feel? Because I can’t recall does that make me less alive? When do we have self-realization? I don’t think we can have an answer to that other than what God has revealed. There are many wonders and miracles that we may never understand in this 3-dimension.

  7. If you no longer exist when you die, you are no longer conscious – you are simply dead. People who do not believe in the immortality of the human soul believe that the experience of “consciousness” is a by-product of our complex mind. Since we don’t seem to have many instincts to determine what to do in any situation, we need to generate a sense of a “self” that has the options to choose. Some people believe that this is also a by-product of the nature and power of language. We simply develop a concept for ourselves because we need to have a name to call it.
    Personally I think both ideas don’t really hold water. Language itself is of such an order different from anything in the animal kingdom that it clearly suggests that there is something unique, not just better or faster, in the human “mind”. Human consciousness also appears to be quite significantly different from any auto-awareness we might see in higher orders of animals.
    Whether we have an immortal soul or not is still a matter of “faith”, but certainly the evidence suggests that humans are in a totally distinct category of “animal” than even our closest cousins, the apes.


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