If I meditate and open up my chakras will I be able to see auras?






No skeptics
what the hell are you guys talking about?


  1. No. I suggest that you quit listening to Manson (you know the one), break up with your invisible friends (including God, if you haven’t already) and get a life.

  2. I think meditation (spiritual) is just one of the few things, there are a lot of other things u need to know and do. Instead of me explaining in brief here I think it would be better if u read and understand in detail in the following link.
    Dont forget to go to second and third page, first page is mainly introduction.

  3. You should be able to. Put in your mind that you intend to see Aura’s and ask your spirit guides to help you achieve it, at the beginning of meditation.
    I am only able to see a person’s Aura when my eyes are closed so be open to different scenarios.
    Best Wishes

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Meditation for Contacting Spirit Guides

The guide is not outside, the guide is within you. One has to go deeper into one's own being to find God and the guide. Once the inner guide is found there are no more mistakes, no repentance, no guilt.

Zazen Meditation

The purpose of Zazen Meditation is to free your mind of the materialistic hold our lives have on us and once you are able to allow your thoughts to enter and quietly leave without investigation you will no longer be limited. This will provide you the quiet calm needed to see the truth of your nature and your place within yourself and the world. Your body, mind, and breath will become one.

Third Eye Meditation

Often lots of people's third eye are not open because they are blocked. The third eye is a sixth chakra but connected to the first, second and third chakra's and blockages in this lower chakra's will also cause a blockage in the sixth. Oftentimes, the cause of blockages are fear and disbelief, though Tibetans and Indian yogis believe third eye is blocked for past life karma . Some people refuse to believe that they are blessed with a sixth sense while others are anxious of the images they might see once they have opened theirs.

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