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If I marry an atheist do I need to hide from him all my…?

….spell casting paraphernalia? Or is he gonna think it’s ok if I talk to myself in a dark room lit by black candles while nude under a black velvet robe lined in red silk while holding a crystal magic wand, a Voodoo talisman between my bosoms?
@J_stro: I really am a professional spell caster but I mostly do so for my own purposes.
I am also very attracted to atheists. Particularly on here. Does that answer your question?
@WellTraveledProg: 🙂
@Ayame: I do not believe in god, I believe in the laws of mind & the power of my word.


  1. I think you will have more luck with an atheist than a christian. I’m pretty sure that would horrify them. I would be ok with it, but not all atheists think alike.

  2. I’m an atheist. I find the idea of magic fascinating. If I could choose a religion I would choose wicca. However, I just can’t believe in any religion without pretending. I wouldn’t mind being with someone like you. I’d probably enjoy it.

  3. Not if you’re nice to him and do most of the housework. Atheists have no objections to black magic, since it doesn’t necessarily involve a Supreme Being.

  4. I’m not sure you would be able to convince one that you were actually casting spells, but no, I don’t think you’d have to hide that. It sounds like a very interesting evening. O_O


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