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If I learn to see auras, then will I also be able to see ghosts?

I have been very interested in seeing the human aura. But there’s one thing holding me back-The fear of seeing a negative entity. As far as I know, everything that exists has an aura. So if I train my sight to see auras, then is there a chance that I may also begin to see ghosts? Has anyone here that has been able to see auras ever see them?


  1. Just because you can see auras doesn’t mean you can see spirits. Most trained people can’t see them. The sense them, hear them, etc. It takes too much energy for a spirit to manifest itself to be seen. Don’t worry too much about it.

  2. Start with working on seeing the energy fields of trees and other general plants in nature, then work up to humans, etc. Sometimes you can see the aura or energy field of someone or something by 1-stare at it for about three to five minutes 2-look away or close your eyes for the count of 10 3-glance back at the subject. You should be able to see the aura or energy field of the subject for just a few seconds at first. The more you practice the better you will be and can skip all the steps and just look.
    Another way is to use a clear quartz to catch the colors in a prizm of the quartz..
    Auras and ghosts? Hmmmf! It is possible, but the two aren’t necessarily tied. I have only been able to see shadows of spirits but it is few and far between and the time and environment has to be so-so, but I can see auras and energy fields (which are not for the most part the same thing) without all the steps…I just look at it and unfocus my eyes and I can see them. It does take practice for the auras and fields, but to see spirits, that is also a gift that needs nurturing and practicing. I just don’t practice enough. As for negative entity, there are good and bad wherever you go, so you can’t really hide in a bubble, but you CAN practice the visualization and concentrating on the spirits who are brighter and protect yourself by encircling yourself in a circle of salt and light a white candle if you are that worried. I hope that helped.


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