If I have eternal life when I die, when does eternity begin? Hasn't eternity already started?

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Isn’t eternity without beginning or end? So don’t I already have eternal life?
Jesus said, “the kingdom of heaven is at hand”
The Zen master says, ‘wake up. You are already enlightened.’
Who else is sick of this evil ‘only son of god’ crap?
Did I not tell you, you are all gods?

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Eternity has no beginning and no end. Anything with a beginning is necessarilly finite.
Eternal life is living forever in the presence of God. Everyone will live forever, but not all will have eternal life.


Imagine Eternity as a circular ring road (a VERY big road) but it;s just an example of an “infinite” entity…
Right now, you’re on the slip-road – drive “well” and you’ll make it on the ring road…
Don’t know why you think “Son of God” theology is “crap” but would be happy to open a dialogue about your thoughts… having explored many religions and philosophies, Jesus made sense to me on personal level – nothing else ever came close….


deep…really deep. lol


you got a little off topic towards the end there…
And you’re right, You’re alive and this life is eternal… somehow or another.
Im always curious as to what people have to say about life BEFORE they were on this earth. Christians say we are created (spirit and body) at birth… but the bible and logic say’s otherwise…
I like how you pointed out that Eternam life is both no beginning, and no end….
And if you change the definition of “God” then yeah we can all be gods. After all, that’s the goal right? Is that not why Adam and Eve partook of the fruit after all? Even God himself said that they had become like Gods, Knowing good from evil.


It will not ever, neither will hell. You like all others are doomed to be worm and maggot food,


Well if you are so sure about it why do you ask? If you think that you are a god why does it sound like you are not so sure? I say wake up and try to listen to that one you call the evil only son of god!


What source, if I might enquire of you, told you that you have eternal life?
Satan, disguised as a serpent, told Adam and Eve that they would not die, but they did.
Something seems to be bothering you? Would you like to share it?

J Blu

Eternity begins when Jesus comes back to take those of us with him who deserve it

Anoop C R

You are already living the eternal life which,unfotunately is not linked with the duration of the physical body.


Yup. Not only that, but since God has promised that you would be a joint heir with Him in Heaven, isn’t it already available to you now?


Bible invites us to spen eternity with Jesus Christ our Lord, i never said you have it, we are taught to have the blessed hope brother….
Granted also to believe and thou shalt be saved, so as we are on the religion and spirituality site i will continue, we are invited to eternity in heaven, Jesus said he is coming soon, so we as Humans and not gods can fight for etenrnal life, but fight the good fight brother.


Eternity will begin when all is said and done. When God, on his thrown judges mankind, then will be the begining of eternity.


If yoou read your Bible it says that God gives us everlasting life.
We do have eternal life but that is not speaking chronologically, it is speaking quality wise. It is eternal life because it comes from an eternal God.


Only children of God are granted eternal life (John 3:16); all others are destroyed in the Lake of Fire. Eternal life begins when we are perfected after death, otherwise (under your scenario), there would be no death.
Jesus told people that the Kindom of Heaven was so close they could reach out and grab it, because He was standing right there. But those who failed to accept His teachings never reached out their hands and eternal life slipped away from them.
You misunderstand what Jesus meant when He quoted Isaiah 41:23 to the people. Since only those who believe in Jesus are sons and daughters of God (John 1:12-13), and only these are granted eternal life (John 3:16) and perfected, only they will be gods someday. No one at this time is a god.

peace, man

eternity & God (The Trinity) exist beyond the confines of time, space & the laws of physics He created for earth & human. we on the another hand is under the laws of physics. so have think about that. hope u will be enlighted soon, peace, man


Eternal life begins at your resurrection. The life you have now is not eternal. You will die.


The standard answer would probably be that eternity is outside time.


It seems like an eternity keep getting all this rubbish on my screen


Afterlife refers to Life after EGO (EGO= the idea of ourselves) has died. Afterlife is just synonym for a new way of life for awakened or enlightened persons (with once EGO shattered in the pieces and a new improved EGO from the same material built up). Such persons because of increased sensitivity feel the space and time as Infinity. So, although among us, they live another Life. They are experiencing AFTERLIFE. Living Afterlife gives feeling of living eternity but physically life ends the same way as by the ordinary humans.Increased sensitivity register life as a process where every second is important. The life lived and perceived through seconds gives a feeling of eternity.


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