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if i have a tarot reading assuming my future hasnt changed in 30 secs if u reshuffle the cards and deal them?

again, i assume the same exact cards will appear the way it was the first time


  1. They are cards! They don’t predict the future. Things you can buy from a store in the mall just do well predicting the future.

  2. Well, if they don’t, I’m sure the “psychic” will have a really convenient excuse ready to explain it away. And I’ll bet she charges you again for the second reading, too.

  3. life is constantly in flux. Your minor goals and ambitions change regularly. The Tarot is not necessarily a map or a firm unchangeable “this has to be your future” as much as it’s a mathematical statement of statistical probabilities of what might happpen if you keep doing what you are doing right now. I use it as a sounding board, a snap shot, so to speak of what might be. And, regardless of what Hollywood wants you to think, the death card has nothing to do with death, and the hanged man isn’t.

  4. Your future is tied in with your intentions and overall state of mind. It’s quite possible for it to change in 30s. Or maybe there will be another set of cards to define something better for you. By the way its not just a material future that is divinated. Its there to teach you where you are blocking yourself from happiness.

  5. Well, you can try this out for yourself, the cards will always be different. This is, on the face of it, a problem for those who claim that tarot cards predict the future. In fact you may already have tried this – perhaps you are baiting the readers here? There is nothing very special about reading with tarot cards, they were created for playing card games – so this applies equally to regular playing cards, dominos, tea leaves, and knuckle bones.
    Some folk say that your future isn’t fixed and that the cards present just one possible future. As the number of possible futures may be as near as damn it infinite, I’m not sure that this would leave the belief that they tell the future on very good footing.
    Others suggest that the future exists but actually changes according to the actions you take as you go through life. So, presumably, the very choice and action of re-dealing the cards is enough to change your future and result in different cards to read. The first problem with this is that it can be very difficult to see how re-dealing the cards within 30 seconds can be the difference between dying young but rich and having an abundance of children while living in poverty till the age of 103. The second problem seems to be a confusion – either the future exists so that there are facts about it for the cards to predict or there is a probability that exists – the probability of x happening and that that probability changes with your actions. If we are talking about probabilities, then we run into the problem with the previous suggestion and you might as well guess.
    Others suggest (and I’ve seen this in response to other questions here) that there are external forces that make tarot cards work. These spirits or gods or whatever, are rather contemptuous of inquiring and experimenting minds such that if asked a question twice, they will take offence (always and unfailingly) and will leave the cards to fall differently the second time. Well, you just have to wonder what their problem is – if they just let the cards fall the same way even a few times, then even James Randi would cough up that million dollar prize and no one would bother to ask twice after that. (and hell would need heating installed along with a bulk order of ice skates)
    The most coherent response is to accept that the cards don’t tell your future – you do. The suggestion is that the cards in any spread can be interpreted in so many ways according to their attributions, that they really just serve as a focus for scrying by a psychic. This way, the cards can be dealt twice, with different cards in the resulting prediction – however, it should be possible to roughly read the same answer into both sets of cards. This is rather neat and only leaves you with the question: “can we have knowledge of the future?” That’s a biggie – I’m not going there now.

  6. It is possible that a good number of the same cards can come up- not in the same order, but typically the answer is -nope
    If the message is everything you need to know right now, then the second reading will either repeat the message from a different angle or make no sense at all.
    If you need to know more then the message will bring more info.

  7. Hello M
    Of course they wont, but it is common for a lot of the cards to appear or differing cards that direct the same message to the problem posed.
    When using tarot or any ‘tool’ you take your time & ask just once.

  8. Why would you expect them to be the same? Do you mean you expect only one thing to ever happen in your entire life? Is there only one thing you need to know for the entire rest of your life?
    Tarot readings help you consider the many challenges and issues you’ll face in your life. There are so many things we need to know — and that’s why we shouldn’t expect consecutive tarot readings to be identical.


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