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If I have a curve in my spine (scoliosis) Will that mess up my Chakra system?

I am worried that my chakras and meridians would be messed up cause I hear they are located by the spine. If it does mess it up, is there any way to fix this problem? my chiropractor says it is to late to fix the spine, but I am worried about my pranic system. Any thoughts and help would be welcome.


  1. Chakras in your spine are said to originate at the base, and given that they are pure ‘energy’ I don’t see how a curved spine would mess them up. Its ‘blockages’ in the energy that do that. Maybe messed up chakras are what caused the scoliosis to begin with.
    But don’t stress, you don’t have a chakra system… not in the real world anyway.
    The mechanism of meridians conflicts with that of chakras, and I’m sure that acupuncture, which is how meridian energy is manipulated, would do more to block your chakras than anything else.

  2. Nope, not a hope. Energy can go around corners and in the study of Quantum Elbowology can easily navigate a 90 degree bend with ease.
    Edit: Good answer Andrew, others take note.

  3. Your chakras, while they are part of your body, are not that physically attached to your body. They’re more spiritual in context, and any deformations in your body should not affect your chakras at all. For example, spiritual beings have chakras too, even with-out physical 3-D/4-D bodies. Just keep meditating and balancing yourself, you’ll be fine.


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