If i get a Succubus pregnant can she sue me for child support?

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Will i go to Hell for screwing with a demon woman?

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Enzyte Bob's Impotent Clone

no but your little wee wee will be shrunken even more


I did and I’m paying almost $1000 a month. And to make it worse she sucked in bed.
Oh wait, she didn’t suck. That was the problem.

Just the Facts

When we were trying to get pregnant for our first child, after every ‘session’ I would hold my hands above her belly and proclaim, “You shall pass a baby boy!” …and the word became flesh


Well this is a difficult question.
If she attempts to sue you for child support there will be complications arising from her having to be publicly admitting her ‘career’.
Which hell is it you fear? The one in the Bahamas or the one in Michigan? Is she from one of these cities and you fear she will drag you back with her?
You could request a DNA test. Due to the rare DNA it would be difficult to prove.


Yeh there was a big case back in ’93 it was really high profile I can’t believe you don’t remeber it, but anyway yeah after a huge legal battle the succubus won child support payments from the dad every week

I tell you whut!

Have you really got nothing better to do with your time?


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