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If I do a chakra healing wrong could I hurt myself?

I’m just beginning to delve into the world of crystal healing. I want to do some work with my chakras and I was wondering if I mess it up how badly could I hurt myself both physically and spiritually? Any advice would be helpful! Thanks.


  1. Chakras do not exist, and crystals have absolutely no effect on the human body (assuming you don’t swallow a particularly large one!)
    Any effects are via placebo effect and while it is possible to have a nocebo effect, it’s very unlikely.

  2. Yeah, You could really screw up your karma, die and come back as a retarded mermaid living out your next life in Atlantis unless you get your meridians re-aligned through Reiki… or discover that crystals are just rocks that only people with wacky beliefs find magical.

  3. Although you won’t hurt yourself permanently, crystals can be very powerful and sometimes in a negative way. To work with your chakras, use the colors of each chakra, either with a stone of that color, or clothing, oils etc.
    To find out if a crystal is alright to use, hold it in one hand. With the other hand, take your thumb and index finger and gently rub them together. If they glide smoothly over each other, the crystal is ok. If your fingers feel sticky as you rub them, don’t use the crystal. This can change on a daily basis. One day it might be fine and the next day it won’t. You may use this method to see if your body likes other things such as fragrances, jewelry and even food.


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