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If i did kundalini or pranayama yoga, would it stop me from protecting people who are close to me?

would i be less protective?
like not care


  1. Pranayama helps balance your body, and your mind. Kundalini is best not to mess around with. You will care if you choose to. All the best to you.

  2. I can’t see how it would. I don’t know much about pranayama, but My Steve was adept at kundalini yoga, and I think it made him more compassionate.

  3. I guess if you meditate on your heart chakra, kundalini would help you protect people around you. Pranayama breathing would probably enhance it. You should re-post your question addressing it to more qualified people, or find a yogi website that has full time yogis that can answer an important question like that. Anyway, to me, meditating will bring more of you (God) out and spread spiritual energy to all who are close to you. Good luck and remember that attachment to illusion isn’t a springboard to enlightment and practicing not to worry is yoga, too. LOL.


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