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If I cover my mirror and TV in my room will it stop the negative energy in feng shei?

FENG SHUI: is an ancient method of improving on 9 areas of your life in order to bring positivity. If anyone know please let me know.


  1. The use of mirrors is to reflect energy to keep it moving – face the mirrors so the energy flows out the window or door if you feel negativity in the room.

  2. there is an awfully misconception about fengshui. fengshui is really about knowing where the good energy is, then using that energy to optimize life. basically, no person can create this energy into good or bad. it just exist as it is based on the degree where you main door (of house, not bedroom) faces. yes, it is a bit more complicated than you think. think it this way, if your bedroom is located in a space where good energy exists, then it does not matter how decorate it. yes, reflective surface inside your bedroom can complicate your life – i just think that this is insignificant. it is more critical that your bedroom is located correctly based on fengshui.
    regarding fengshui, there is no general rules or guidelines – it is more about a group of methods or systems which practitioners use to measure, analyze and manipulate the outcome of life.
    reflective surfaces of tv do not emit negative energy. but reflective surfaces like mirrors can complicate your life.


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