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If I am dreaming, but I know I am dreaming, am I astral projecting?

I read somewhere that it means that you are actually astral projecting – is that true? Because I’ve tried all other methods and they don’t work. :/
(Please don’t answer this if you don’t believe in it, or are all God-holy) Thanks.


  1. No. That is lucid dreaming. The two are similar but are not the same thing. Anyone who has experienced both will be able to easily tell the difference between them. However you can turn a lucid dream into astral projection. When you’re having a lucid dream tell yourself you are out of your body & are in the astral realms. Focus on raising your vibrational frequency & tell yourself you’re becoming more lucid. Try to feel vibrations all through you & increase the sensation.
    Of course astral projection is possible. Not many people believed in lucid dreaming to begin with until it started gaining more attention from the media. I had lucid dreams when I was a kid & told my family, they thought I was full of it, just making sh!t up for attention or whatever. Until they saw it mentioned on tv a couple of times years later & thought oh ok he might have been telling the truth after all.
    How can anybody possibly believe in anything until it comes on TV first? After all TV is the God we should all worship right? All hail precious TV! If the majority of people in the world & the majority of people on TV say astral projection is bs, than they have to be right, don’t they? Cuz as we all know the majority of people are intelligent right? And if the majority of people never experience astral projection than that clearly means it doesn’t really exist right? And as we all know science has no room whatsoever for improvement & we all already know every single thing that is & is not possible don’t we? Even though we have so much time ahead of us our species is already at our peak isn’t it? Anything that doesn’t fit in with our belief systems naturally has to be bs doesn’t it? Any evidence or stories about astral projection is all just bs right? Anyone who claims to astral project must be lying bastards hey? They must all just be lying their asses off just so they can impress important people like Mr nice guy, right?

  2. Astral projection is the sense of being out of your body, while you are still at home in your own head having a lucid dream.
    We know that you’re not really out of your body because otherwise things like this would be happening.
    I found my wife was having an affair while she was in Florida when I astrally projected to her hotel room and saw her with the janitor.
    I astrally projected to the supermarket last night and saw that pineapples are on special.
    Drat! someone astrally projected into my office and stole my idea for an atomic hair brush!

  3. No, that’s just lucid dreaming. Happened to me this morning, I was being chased by a murderous clown. Lovely.


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