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If I accept Albert Einstein into my heart and truly believe in him will I comprehend Special Relativity?

Or do I have to read and comprehend his words and do the math and the homework?


  1. i think that all of his relativity theories will be proven wrong when we finally evolve as a species enough to leave our solar system

  2. You now possess the spirit of Einstein which will lead you to an automatic knowledge of physics. You don’t even need to take a class.

  3. If you fail to read and comprehend the words and mathematics of the one true Einstein, your faith will become perverted, likely causing you to declare jihad against liberal arts majors. Of course, accepting Albert into your heart is indeed the first step toward becoming relatively special.

  4. You must first truly believe and accept Fermat’s Last Theorem and his proof for the special case of n=4 before you can receive the blessings of Einstein.
    Your parents should have taught you all about Fibonacci when you were young – just to be on the safe side of things ya know. It is a stepping stone after all.

  5. If you comprehend the ramifications of every point in our singularity universe observing itself to be the oldest and most centralized point in the entire universe, then you comprehend Special Relativity. No emotionalism or beliefs are necessary; merely understanding.
    The universe is incomprehensibly simple!

  6. Your heart may accept Albert Einstein, but Albert Einstein will never accept your heart, so it’s pointless to a point. You can always claim that your heart does lodge Albert Einstein (no one will be able to prove the contrary) and then feel entitled to claim moral superiority.

  7. Albert Einstein doesn’t exist, silly – he’s just an invention of those crazy scientists to keep us non-intellectuals in a state of cringing obedience.
    I mean, think about it. Have you ever met Einstein? No, neither have I. Therefore he never existed.

  8. To be a mainstream physicist you must “believe in Einstein”. Mainstream scientists are another “Good Old Boys” club with leaders who are getting big bucks from the “Einsteinean mythology pork barrel”. All mainstream physicists must “believe in Einstein” but there are not two of them that agree on all of the details of Special Relativity (SR) or General Relativity (GR). Einstein himself was not a mainstream scientist. He said “there is no aether” when talking to mainstream scientists of his day because he knew they would call him a crank if he admitted that he did believe an aether may be necessary. When talking to dissident scientists who had aether theories he would admit that an aether may account for some paradoxes such as the “Twins Paradox” but he believed his theories and equations could be used to predict relativistic phenomena and for his purposes he did not need to describe the mechanics of the causal factor (i.e an aether or another causal factor).
    If you really study what is going on with SR and GR you will find a maze of contradictions, paradoxes and logical non sequiturs. Those “experts” who “believe in Einstein” will “believe in Einstein” only as long as it is necessary to “believe in Einstein” in order to keep their membership in the “Good Old Boys” club and make big bucks doing research on relativistic phenomena or being the chairman of a physics department.


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