If humans were to have a third eye, where would be the most convenient place?

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I mean, on the back of the head would just be weird. I mean, with our two eyes, we only have one line of vision or whatever. We just see a little bit more on the sides. Y’know?

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bob w

Where your eyes already are, because the eyes are conveniently placed to allow for easy connection to the brain.


In the forehead, of course.


Ye I know.
The back of your hand.You could stretch out your arm to see around corners, etc.

Kate O

definitely on your forehead. your 2 eyes already, create a line, in which creats your vision, and so ur not seeing double of everything. that means ur 3rd eye would have to be near your other eyes, to create a similar line, so ur not seeing triple everything. that is why ur 3rd eye would be on the forehead.


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