Home Discussion Forum If God knows everything why bother with prayer?

If God knows everything why bother with prayer?

Is it like the little ‘call’ light on airplanes that you use to bug the stewardess for another drink? And what happened to cute stewardesses? These days, it’s all old hags built like battle-tanks.


  1. If God indeed knows everything, then the only reason I can think of why he’d still want us to pray is because he likes to see use grovel and beg for him.

  2. LMAO!!!
    I’ve wondering the same thing (about the prayers thing)
    I’m afraid of airplanes so i don’t really care about the stewardesses 🙂

  3. Southwest airlines has some great flight attendants, both male and female.
    Ever hear that the “squeaky wheel gets the grease”?
    It’s why kids keep bugging you.. to wear you down til you give in.. very effective tactic, I must say.

  4. Good point, God has decided everything in the future and past and everything will occur the way he has decided. So prayers are particularly useless as he has already decided what is going to happen at the begginning of time when he created time. So that makes life completely pointless as God already knows the outcome. He has created us just to feel joy,happiness,pain,suffering,hearbreak,anger and contempt for others and we can do nothing that God hasnt already pre planned including praying.
    Life is so pointless with God.

  5. Prayer and constant communion with God is the life line for a christian. It helps sustain him when there are so many evil agents that go about rejecting his sovereignty and attacking his creation with delusion and lies.

  6. Prayer is you way of communicating with the lord in an obedient way. You can praise him, thank him, or if need be, just hold a conversation.

  7. Prayers are not about God learning anything.
    Its about expressions of appreciation and gratitude ……just like you would eagerly make if you found a stewardess to your liking.

  8. Ha, that’s the same thing I said to the nuns when I was in catholic school and they wanted me to bow my head, close my eyes, and say a prayer…I replied that if God was truly omnipotent he should be able to read my thoughts and I don’t need to pray. Boy did that piss those nuns off.
    And yes! I know exactly what you are talking about with the airplane stewardesses! In the domestic flights in the US they all seem to be so old. (Not knocking older folks, I just thought it odd that there didn’t seem to be one under 50, most seemed to be in their late 60’s and up). Now those stewardesses on Icelandair were another matter… 😉

  9. I know my child wants and needs a lot of things, but it feels good and it makes me happy when she comes and talks to me about things. I know that she Loves me, but it does my heart good to hear her say it each time she calls.

  10. It is a legitimate question, if you’re looking at prayer from a purely fundamentlist point of view. On a similar token, one might ask ‘If evolution will eventually give us the ability to adapt to and survive all current disease, why research medicine?’
    Both questions make life seem cheap and worthless. Prayer is a mental tool, medicine a physical one. Used properly, both enrich life.

  11. do u think god bother if u don pray?? dude he doesnt care coz its u who will end up to hell a.way…!
    the reason u pray coz u are thnkful all the food u he give,the family u got,the job and some dreams u wish for…

  12. Prayer or meditation is for your good not God’s.
    And I don’t care how the stewardess look, I would like them to be a bit more cheeful. A lot of them seem to think the customers are just an irritation, and forget we are the source of thier income.

  13. Okay, while not admitting to being stumped, for some reason I am failing to articulate my view in any comprehensible way. I will talk to my pastor tomorrow and maybe he can help (and if the question is resolved by then I will certainly email you)
    Incidently, the good looking FAs were furloughed with everyone else in the airlines (at least here in the US)

  14. I pray every day to thank God for his many blessings, for protecting and providing all that is needed for my family who are scattered all over the world -even some in Iraq, for leading me in the path He has chosen for me to walk, for Jesus who died that all who believe may have eternal life and know peace and joy within even in the midst of dificulties, for the opportunity to witness to others that they may come to believe, and for giving me the words to answer some of the questions I encounter here. God bless you.

  15. On some of the Asian airlines they still require the stewardesses to be “cute”. It’s sexist, yes, but I’m not complaining.
    As for the other airlines, I have prayed for a return of the lookers, but sadly the prayer has not been answered. In fact, on British Airways, I’m convinced God did the opposite of answer my prayer.


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