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If God is real then does that mean that magick is also real?

God had to have used magick to make the world,and that’s probably why he doesn’t want us to study it.Because he wants to have all the power for himself.


  1. God has all the magick…and he doesn’t want to share any of it..you mean GOD IS GANNONDORF??? :O
    God isn’t real sorry.
    neither is magick. or magic. except Magic Johnson.

  2. I believe in magic. It doesn’t have to be the type of magic you see in Harry Potter. It can be a beautiful sky, a unbelievabley good occurrence, or just life itself. Magic isn’t always impossible hocus pocus like some people call it. It really depends on you’re meaning on the word though.

  3. if god is real then i am a pink bunny with wings who ocationaly can breathe underwater to get with hot mermaid chicks and then i fly up and lay my eggs for the good little girls and boys so they can have fun at easter, and then other times i wake up and im not a bunny, cause now im i cat without fur, and instead i have scales that can only be pierced with a #2 pencil made of frozen holy water
    and if god is real then just by saying this i would be smote hahahahaha…..ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPP
    haha im just kidding little fella i didnt get smote
    so god isnt real

  4. Dude do we need magic? I guess it is all in what you believe is magic. Is magic being us not being exterminated by some natural cause!? or is is us not being not-as-smart animals. or is magic our immense imagination and creativity. BUT if your talking about like, for say, fire coming out of my hands, we don’t need it. Dude seriously. We really don’t need magic. This world would be SOOOOOO messed up if we all had the ability to make a black hole in front of someone and suck them in. Think about it

  5. I think any magick that might of been conjured about by any form of higher intellect can be proven by scientific means. Just think about what our scientists are able to do now compared to what they could do a hundred years from now. When they just discovered that they could communicate with one each other by using certain microwaves, or creating steam engines, or splitting atoms and creating nuclear weaponry.
    Now they can deal with nanotechnology. Building carbon based robots the size of atoms that replicate each other to the point of there being millions and then able to rearrange the molecular structure of objects. Mind you, it hasn’t been perfected yet, but they are still working on it. I just read something about how they are on the verge of being able to cloak objects now. We see things because of the light that reflects off of the objects allowing us to see them. They have devised a method on how they can allow the light from not being able to reflect off the object making it appear invisible.
    I guess the point that Im trying to make is that who is to say that these gods and devils that our out there could very well be certain beings of a higher intellect that have mastered certain sciences. Maybe some genetic manipulation or maybe phasing in and out of parallel universes. While you might call it magick, someone else might call science.

  6. well the world was made by the universe really two asteroids hit each other and out came the planet but god must have had used magic to do what he did and is doing

  7. All Gods and Goddesses are portrayed as Magick incarnate. Whether this is an absolute truth is a mystery waiting to be proven or debunked through knowledge.

  8. According to Jesus, and the Essenes, we all have the ability to create what we desire. So, why can’t most people do it? Jesus and the Essenes were quite evolved as souls. Magick, as you call it, requires responsibility.

  9. Ive always thought god was a thought form/tulpa of some kind.
    I believe that he does have all the power…now that people gave it to him and hes not going to share it.


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