• It is not true. That is why he provided the Bible. For us to understand his purpose for his creation. We don’t understand everything, then why should we expect to? Why don’t we all have master degrees after reading every book? Over time we learn more and more. What is the limit? No one knows.

    We do know He will cure suffering and ignorance (although ignorance sems home-grown, a personal choice). He will do it in His time not ours. We do know it will be soon.

  • If you read the book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible you will find that everything in life, except for one thing, is meaningless.
    To seek God with all we have is the only thing in life that has meaning. No one will fully understand God in this life. We were never promised that. He did not promise us that if we merged with Him we would not suffer. It fact He promised us that we would suffer. The Bible says that the “fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”

  • You can NOT separate ‘Intellectual’ from ;Consciouness’ !!!

    ‘Intellectual’ and ‘Spiritual’ are Conciouness

  • you shouldn’t question god ask him into your hart and let him lead you to where you need to go and trust him

  • That’s a lie.

    Just Ask God for understanding.
    He will open your eyes.
    Satan wants you to believe that He is unattainable–but God loves us sooooo much!
    Talk to Him–just like you talk to people—He waits for you to.

  • The premise is silly. The concept of god is perfectly understandable without engaging in any sort of doublethink; it is also completely unsupported by any sort of evidence.

  • If intellect, logic, and reason are lower forms of consciousness, I don’t feel the need to move “higher.”

  • We can never fully know the things of God while here in the flesh….

    The Holy Spirit helps us to know what we need to know and nothing more

    If we knew as much as God….then we would be God (blasphemy)

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