If God is on a higher level of consciousness then wouldn't that mean it views the world in a way we can't?

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If this is true why do people think this God would give us laws?
We wouldn’t give laws to microbes and expect them to follow or die?

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But we do – and they die.

Apostle Jeff

God created us in His image and He gives His Holy Spirit(Himself) to all who turn from their sins and receive Jesus as their Lord.


You’re on the right track I think. God knows the master plan for the universe because He designed it. All man knows is what allows man to know, which is just enough to complete his purpose on earth as a human. Once that purpose is completed, we will return to God, where we started from as a Creation of God The Creator. He loves us all and nobody will suffer eternally in any form. Be at peace.


Isaiah 55:8
For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.


Yes. Of course, as our own consciousness evolves we gradually attain higher and higher perspectives that will ultimately bring us to that ‘God Consciousness’ as well.
Laws (dharma) are given inwardly, like the laws of nature and instinct.

Douglas G

it was a choice in the prexsistance to get a body not to be in spirt for so we could experience having a body but there were rules we agreed on so follow them


God created us to give him joy (in my humble opinion). His wrath showed when he was tired of the foolishness of men and flooded the earth leaving only Noah and his descendants alive. God is all, and as such he knew the life he wanted for us to live wouldn’t be easy on this earth. So he created a way that he could forgive us for doing the things (sin) that were bound to happen.
The rainbow is the promise HE made to never destroy the earth again by flood. He allowed us free will to choose to follow his words, or to die and eternally pay for not following his word. It’s really a simple concept. Trust in God the father, and live as he has told you or Die and you will know that he was God (to late of course) and burn in hell.
God Bless

Tralee A

he does view the world in a way that we cant. we have human nature that blinds our eyes to certain parts/views. also remember he made the worlds (notice the plural)
god didnt give us laws as such. they are guidelines so that we can live peacefully together and how he would like the perfect life to be. man has made laws to try and control the togetherness even more. also human nature stops us from being “perfect”. but we can try to be as close to it as we can
each thing is created to help the other. the microbes are essential for the break down or build up of other living things. they have guidelines as well. its just that thiers is part of thier life cycle not thier thinking
hope this has helped


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