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IF God is omnipotent why doesn't he just communicate his wishes to us through Telepathy?

why does He take chances with us relying on musty old books and dubious ‘prophets’?


  1. Oh wow, you have just opened a can of worms.
    Don’t you that christians claim to have a “personal relationship” with bible god? One which he speaks to them in their prayers.

  2. Boy, what a can of worms! Lots of people–especially in the US–actually DO think God communicates his wishes to them through telepathy, much to the chagrin to the rest of us.

  3. God has not evolved to the point where he can use telepathy. He has to use burning bushes.
    I think he may have had a lot to say in California last summer I don’t know.

  4. its a narrow road getting through the gates of Heaven.
    its a WIDE road going to the pits of Hell.
    so God isnt going to make it that easy.

  5. God doesn’t rely on musty old books and dubious prophets, humankind does. God wants us to have a relationship with HIM, not the books. Talk to Him, for ANYTHING you want to know and if you sit and listen (just as if you were talking to humankind) He WILL answer you. Yes, it’s true, He may not answer you right then and there, but He will answer you. In His time; when you are ready to accept and handle what the answer will be.
    Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the Bibles, but I take more in what God says to me than what the Bibles say.
    I challange you to try it
    Look at the books as an open door – a gateway – a resource

  6. Our childhood is over as a species. WE made the books.
    He was with us all the time in our infancy. He visited often in our childhood. Through our teenage years he was close, watching us try, only showing himself visibly when absolutely necessary.
    As a race, we are adults. How pitiful that some still think of God as their personal babysitter, to save us every time we do something stupid, or horrible.
    Imagine how that would paralyze us, as a people, to discover that no matter what we did, GOD would swoop in and save the innocent, save those whom he considered worthy.
    What stupidity and deliberate acts of violence that would inspire.
    His message is simple: Grow up…
    …or die.

  7. Why would a little speck of dust dare to question Almighty God creator of the universe and who only knows what other universes?

  8. there are some very hateful people on here… but if this is a serious question, the answer is that God is interested in free will, trust and faith. If His will were provable in the sense of the way western science looks at things, there would be no point to it. Once I’ve “proven” that 2 and 2 are 4, anybody who doesn’t believe it is just nuts. Things that are provable no longer involve “choice” just acceptance.

  9. Forget telepathy — too subjective and prone to misinterpretation (as is shown by all the christians that claim “god” DOES talk to them in their heads).
    If “god” is omnipotent, why not just make a personal appearance that all the world can see, and be seen on TV and recorded and verified, etc….and just tell everyone what the deal is? Why the, as you said, musty old books and only-in-your-head “feelings?”
    It’s the way it is because there is no “god.” Setting up their mythical “god” so that there’s no verifiable route of communication is one way the religious folks build it excuses as to why their god can’t be seen, heard, felt, recorded, verified, etc.

  10. Have you noticed how many anger at you for not believing in “Their god”?
    Many have the idea they know God, yet don’t really. Many do claim God is Omnipotent, yet this sets God up for your expectations and where do they get such ideas bit from Orthodox religions?
    No, Most know little of God, religions and the Pope included, lets leave it at that and search for more truths, cool?
    God speaks but in a spritual voice. Have you ever met a goofy person whom claims to speak to everything, trees included? I sense they are closer to God than most…


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