Home Discussion Forum If God is energy than how can energy be intelligent?

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If God is energy than how can energy be intelligent?

I believe that God is energy,i also believe in Intelligent design-that’s the reason for my question.


  1. Just like energy (Love) is used to hold each cell in your body together, and the intellegence of each cell to act accordingly, so is the One upstairs, but Infinitely beyond our comprehension.

  2. I believe like you do. god isnt necessarily intelligent, because if he is energy, then he isnt a being.
    Intelligent by design, but not by character, persay, because it isnt a character, or spirit.

  3. energy is consciousness. consciousness has instinctive subconscious intelligence. that energy forms itself into intelligent designers.

  4. You and I are mostly energy – if string theory is right, in fact, we are completely made of energy – and yet we have at least some degree of intelligence. Organization is everything.

  5. Intelligent design is for middle of the roaders who will not come out and say that god does not exist but still hopes something is up there

  6. Dont think that God is energy. Think; energy is God. Its the same as if we were to say the wind is the tree branches moving. But in truth, the tree branches moving, is the wind.

  7. this may seem a little odd but think about this, A dress by itself is just a piece of material. It has no life, but when you put it on your body it comes to life. It moves wit your body and flows with movement. The same holds true for your body. Your body is nothing but flesh and bone. With out the spirit it would be nothing. But the spirit gives it life. It then moves and flows with the spirit. The spirit is energy and is intelligence. Thus the spirit causes the energy that moves the body and the intelligence is stored in the brain. God is spirit, therefore God is Energy and intelligence.

  8. What seems to be true is being explained in 1 Corinthians chapter 15. How you interpret that is the pickle.
    We are told that Christ rose as a spirit, and in 1 Cor we are told that there are earthly bodies and heavenly ones. This would mean that we can understand from other things that they have bodies but from a different reality, made of stuff not from our universe.
    If you accept that explanation, then you can also verify that Christ is said to be the exact representation of God, being an exact ‘bodily’ representation.
    This then tells us that God also has a body, however uncreated it is. Since we are told that he has a location in which he resides that confirms this understanding. Please also take into consideration that Jesus when he went to heaven appeared before the person of God, as did Satan in the book of Job.
    Again, you are presented with the teaching that God has a ‘physical’ body though of spirit stuff – whatever that is.

  9. Why you are bothering your brain with such impossible task. Start from your own self. What is in you that says ” me “. Is it your heart, brain, head, nose or mouth ? What makes a piece of flesh a living woman who has eyes, ears, mouth and an identity known as me. What keeps them together and Who fulfills all its material, emotional, psychological needs ?
    Once you have done that, you will gain confidence to attempt at God, the unseen. But chances are, you will see in the process the unseen hand of God and you fall in to love with Him. So think twice, before you begin.
    Muhammad Javed Iqbal

  10. Energy has a source and can be measured empirically. Engineers have all sorts of devices for measuring energy in all its forms. Since God has no source and cannot be measured, he or she cannot be energy. Solve that one first, then worry about the intelligent design part.

  11. Well God is not energy he is a spirit!
    Joh 4:24 God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.
    What is a spirit? Well we don’t know! We have a spirit it makes us who we are and the body is just a vessel or container for our spirit. God is not only intelligent but also has emotions! God has reveled himself to us through his word the bible. He has not shared with us all his personal information, but he has told us he loves us and wants us to receive his pardon for sin through His Son Jesus Christ!

  12. Great question.
    I don’t have the smarts to give you a definitive answer. Sorry.
    What I do have for you is an idea. I learned in school that energy is eternal and is always in flux. Matter is formed from energy, so I imagine that a Supreme Being we call GOD would be the source of boundless energies. Energy can be intelligent like He and His angels are or it can be dumbed down to serve Him in the form of lower animal life.

  13. God is a Spirit.
    Of course the universe was built by a design. As intricate as each item is and yet simple this, by logic, need be by an intelligence far superior to mankind’s.
    I was deist and agnostic by turn for a long time. Deism is a gnostic pollution:
    When these belief systems are examined thoroughly they shatter under the scrutiny.
    simple definitions:

  14. I was talking to one of my boss’ friends, and he was asking me, if I could recommend him some videos he could watch on his nice new laptop, he got on a hire-purchase deal, as a high-earning senior staff member. (Higher-earning than *me.*)
    I had just gotten a complete-season pack of STAR TREK: VOYAGER, from my dealer, and suggested that he should get a pack.
    He affected a supercilious air, and informed me, “I don’t like *unrealistic* things.”
    I did not say any of the things I felt like saying.
    Here was a Black Man, graduate degree holder, with a communicator in his pocket that could reach the antipodes. On his lap, sat a computer, that at the time I first saw Star Trek, would have filled the entire wing of the Health Centre we were in.
    THIS… dick was telling ME about “realistic.”
    No one questions that AIs can think.
    Science incorrectly believes that Humans think with their brains, and that the electrical currents in the brain are consciousness.
    I heard this great line on Dr. WHO: “A boot-print does not look like a boot!”
    SCIENTOLOGY AXIOMS 1-12. L. Ron Hubbard
    Life is basically a Static.
    Definition: a Life Static has no mass, no motion,
    no wavelength, no location in space or in time.
    It has the ability to postulate and to perceive.
    2. The Static is capable of Considerations, Postulates, and Opinions.
    3. Space, Energy, Objects. Form and Time are the result of Considerations
    made and/or agreed upon or not by the Static,
    and are perceived solely because the Static considers that it can perceive them.
    4. Space is a Viewpoint of Dimension.
    5. Energy consists of postulated particles in Space.
    6. Objects consist of grouped particles and solids.
    7. Time is basically a postulate that Space and particles will persist.
    8. The apparency of Time is the change of position of particles in space.
    9. Change is the primary manifestation of Time.
    10. The Highest Purpose in this Universe is the Creation of an Effect.
    (a) AS-IS-NESS is the condition of immediate creation without persistence,
    and is the condition of existence which exists at the moment of creation
    and the moment of destruction, and is different from other considerations
    in that it does not contain survival.
    (b) ALTER-IS-NESS is the consideration which introduces change
    and therefore time and persistence, into an AS-IS-NESS
    to obtain persistency.
    (c) IS-NESS is an apparency of existence brought about
    by the continuous alteration of an AS-IS-NESS.
    This is called, when agreed upon, Reality.
    (d) NOT-IS-NESS is the effort to handle IS-NESS
    by reducing its condition through the use of force.
    It is an apparency and cannot entirely vanquish an IS-NESS.
    12. The Primary Condition of any Universe is that
    two Spaces, Energies, or Objects must not occupy the same Space.
    When this condition is violated (Perfect Duplicate)
    the Apparency of any Universe or any part thereof is nulled.
    SPIRITS CREATE MATTER, Energy, Space, and Time.
    Spirits are NOT Matter, Energy, Space and Time.
    God is not merely intelligent- He IS intelligence.
    JOHN 1:1-4,9.
    IN THE Beginning was the Word,
    and the Word was with God,
    and the Word was God.
    2. The same was in The Beginning with God.
    3. All things were made by Him;
    and without Him was not any thing made that was made.
    4. In Him was Life; and The Life was The Light of Men.
    9. That was The True Light, Which lighteth every man
    that cometh into The World.
    GOD IS Ultimate Knowledge, and to Know Him is to *see* from His viewpoint everything that He knows. This is called TOTAL KNOWINGNESS. It is achieved at the 40th Level of Awareness.


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