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If God came on TV and spoke all the languages at one time, how would that work?

BQ: When we get to Heaven, will we need to learn “God Speak” or will mental telepathy take care of it?


  1. He’ll speak using differential equations just so most of the Christians can’t understand him. After all, mathematics is the universal language.

  2. That’d totally do it for me.
    An omnipotent doesn’t need a mortal to speak for it
    And for the second part, I’d drop the “when” and stick to a highly suspected “if”

  3. An omnipotent God could project His message in such a way that every listener would hear it in the appropriate language.
    As to what happens when we get to Heaven, I can’t say. I’m still waiting for some evidence that such a place actually exists. Sounds a lot like wishful thinking to me.

  4. first question idk, second we will speak tongue which is the language of heaven. you can only go to heaven if you have faith in God and Jesus..

  5. He’d sound like Christopher Lambert from ‘Highlander’.
    I’d give you the quote, but that would just make me feel bad about myself.
    I assume “God Speak” is like ‘Bonobo speak’: gratuitous sex.

  6. We would all remain as confused as ever because we would hear only with the ears on our heads rather than listening with the ears of our hearts.
    Beyond life here on Earth, we will have no further need of spoken language.

  7. I assume it works better than that Babel Fish plugin. Must do, Old Pentecostal trick, the gift of tongues. Theres a few people at the UN who can do it too, Lizard people, I expect. It’s impressive the first few times, but the shine soon wears off.
    When we get to Heaven, (and I dont even believe in Heaven) there’ll be nothing that will ever need to be said. Which sounds really dull. They insist that it’s really not dull at all, but I’m not convinced.

  8. That can be done now with no god — just a few spooks and the UN created god they choose to present
    1971 first voice to skull patent issued by the US patent office — You can look it up online it wouldn’t take much to build that piece of junk from 40 yrs ago now
    Imagine what they can do now
    Did you see the Olympic opening show ? Showcase of holographic advances in 3d
    Your god is going to be presented to you speaking your lauguage in your head and appear in 3d — controlled by a rich banker or 2 and a government black opts commander
    Look into it

  9. I don’t think anyone is that close to being in “heaven” I believe in reincarnation and we aren’t selfless enough as a species to have earned our way to the inner ring to even get close to god.


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