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If global warming is a hoax, who is melting the icecaps to fool us? Is it those crop circle guys at it again?


  1. The ice caps are not melting. If yu stop getting your news from liberal news networks and do a little reseach here you will find that the globe is going through a cooling phase. This is why they now refer to it as climate change. Al Gore is a farce looking to make a fortune. GE…which owns NBC, MSNBC andCNBC stands to make a mit on the cap and tax scam that Obama wants to pass. MSNBC worships Obama for this reason.

  2. I’ll go slow for you:
    an…thro…po…mor…phic warming is a hoax.
    The proof is there.
    Don’t blame us if you want your head to remain firmly planted in your rear.
    But Cap & Tax is a mistake other nations are now pulling out of.
    Explain why Pelosi will personally profit by the millions should it go through, and how that’s not a conflict of interest.
    You’ve been had.

  3. oh you mean as the earth spins and different parts of the ice cap melts as other parts get thicker?
    awww it is so sweet that you just listen to what your media tells you to
    climate has changed for centuries but uh uh we need to worry now right?
    awwwwwwwwwwwww that’s so cute
    it is ok i no you are worried about the polar bears fish turtles whales and so much more but you ignore people ,but things will be ok
    when speaking of global warming follow the money

  4. The point of the matter is that it is not a hoax. What Gore was called out for was his insistence that global warming is not a natural occurrence but a only forced cause of man’s ill treatment of the earth.
    What has been uncovered due to the leaked emails is that global warming appears to be a naturally occurring situation and it has been going on for years.
    Personally I believe both are at play here. With an understanding of climate change and how planets change you couple that with pollutants contributed by man to help speed said changes along.
    In between the two sides lies the truth.

  5. Why do some trees lose their leaves. The seasons are cyclic JUST LIKE Weather!
    Next they will say they need to stop periods because it means they are bleeding to death.

  6. one war at a time,,,for decades,we’ve heard “man caused global warming”
    10 years of data,attested to by the english fellas,SEEM to show it ain’t warmin
    man is still here,and reproducing,eating,pooping,belching,eating pork chops
    burning coal,camping fuel,natural gas,and tax money,,,,,it aint warmin
    and it seems to be not connected with man
    who’s fooling whom?
    thats 2 for 2 ,what did I miss?
    next issue,,,,chechnyan exploitation of arctic seals?
    the iranian govt getting ready to bust heads in tehran?,oh,no ,donwanna messwith that!
    I know,,,global warming,bush didit!

  7. It is real, however…
    It’s part of the natural cycle. If humans are affecting climate change, then they are simply accelerating the cycle.


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