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If everything is porous, what would be the limitations of "Mental Telepathy"?

(I mean like if humanity evolved to that point. Or if we learned to use it, or technology enabled us to do it, or of course if we were given that gift in “Heaven” – so to say.)
So the question is: If we had a full grasp on “Mental Telepathy” what do you think would happen?
Dear Herod – lol, what a deal?
laughing out loud – thanks for that Wanna.
Oh you guys, your answers make an old man happy. — chagrin


  1. Many people would be embarrassed that everyone knew what they were really thinking.
    Do you think that women would find out that men meant it when they were asked ‘what are you thinking’ and they answered ‘nothing’?

  2. We would be able to do great and powerful works. When I practice Psychiatry at that time it was understood that we use only 3% of our brain power, tapping into the rest 97% it would do miracles as would we see it. I had a patient that had inorganic brain damage but was awesome in intelligence. The brain has a way of re-wiring itself when it is damaged. The brain is a great mystery and of course can go beyond itself. There are countless cases where the brain has found a way to re-vamp itself around areas impaired by stroke or damaged by other accident or illness and finding a way to make itself whole, As far as we know, the limitations of the brain are unknown.

  3. The baby is already taking it’s first steps.
    We are here in VR land and just look at how it is.
    The question is how deep do you want to go into other minds and how deep would you like them to get into yours?

    It may well be that some kind of natural sub vocal communication already exists, but we have learnt to block it so well that we are unaware that we are doing it.
    The closed mind syndrome, which can be easily observed.
    Would you like every one around to know exacting what you think and for that matter, it could be quite disturbing knowing exactly what others think!
    Cell phone in our heads!
    Already we are wiring electrics to our nervous system, Electronic ear for the deaf, electronic eyes for the blind and electronic brain simulators for depression.
    Why not cell phones? when will these little babies come onto the market!
    We are already very close with the Tech. we have now.
    But the secret of Technology is control!!!
    As with everything!
    Sorry how rude of me I forgot the say hi to (((Uncle))) check my first blog page I borrowed it but the subject is interesting!

  4. Well…..as far as R&S, it would be the end of secret accounts on here! lol We’d all be able to read each others minds if we wanted to. 🙂

  5. You can close your mind to others. You don’t have to let your thoughts “hang out”. It’s the way all humans used to be. That’s what the pineal gland is for. We have forgotten how to use it for the most part.


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